New discovery in the world of DEFI

New discovery in the world of DEFI

By cryptage9 | hive | 28 May 2020

  Hello Publish0x community
, I will share with you today some new sites and some new cryptos in the DEFI:


-The first site has a lot of information with tutorials, specially focused on DEFI projects, this site is very interesting, there is a news letter, there are articles on all DEFI projects. Go see for you inform, the whole is quite dense, it is one of my most beautiful discovery of the day.


Here is the link:


-This link also goes with the first




The next concerns the services
it offers ethereum staking services for individuals and companies on their network, and they also have a crypto which is not referenced on coinmarketcap but which is on coingecko, it is called Rocket Pool (RPL).





Here is the link:




What is good about this crypto, in terms of technical analysis, is that we were in a range, and we went up, now we are in price discovery. We find it on a site that I have already presented to you which is :



We had a first triangle which was broken upwards in the continuity of the trend, currently we have a second small triangle which is forming and the RSI stoch which has gone down well, I think it is a crypto track that you need to have on your radar.
Maybe in other articles I will tell you about new things that I will soon be working on soon Publish0x community



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