Top Money Movies

Top Money Movies

By Hipster Finance | Hipster Finance | 22 Jan 2021

My top lists for money related podcasts and books were EASY compared to this! 

Like I've stated before, on my path to wealth I made it my mission to eat, sleep, and breath the topic of money.  I wanted to read about it, listen to it, watch it.  I wanted to go to bed thinking about it.  I wanted to dream about it.  And wake up thinking about it.  So finding all the best podcasts, books, and movies related to money was key.

But when I set out on this journey to list all the best finance themed films, I discovered it was harder than I thought.  And this is coming from someone who got a film degree back in college!  

When it comes to movies, especially not counting documentaries, they're a lot more subtle about wealth and its practices.  Unlike books and podcasts, they don't just jump out and teach you things.  There are the rare exceptions (like Drumline or the Dead Poets Society) where they actually go in depth on a topic that the film is about.  But for money, those are uncommon.

So after a lot of popcorn, and hours and hours of film reel, I landed on my favorites.

I compiled my best (by no means all).  Some are feel good stories that inspire you on the struggle to riches.  Others are tales of building empires (and even one about becoming a drug lord - but with money lessons, I swear!).  There are even a few comedies.

Not all the characters survive their tales  And not every story jumps out and tells you it's a money lesson.  But in every one you will find worthy lessons about money if you look deep enough.  


So there you have it.  My 10 favorite finance/money related films.  Of this list, which is my favorite?

I'd have to go with The Pursuit of Happyness.  It's got lessons, it's got morals, it's got Will Smith.  And it's based on the true story of Christopher Gardner.  Hard to beat that.

Feel free to add favorites of your own below.  If I haven't seen them, I'd love to check them out.

Hipster Finance
Hipster Finance

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