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Primer On Bitcoin’s Energy Use

By hifi.bitcoin | HiFi Bitcoin | 10 Jan 2022

Throughout human history, our productivity and standards of living have been primarily impacted by technological development and energy consumption. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of our most powerful inventions (i.e., machines) use large amounts of energy to operate. The more natural resources we can convert into energy, the less of our own energy we have to expend in order to get work done.

There is a dark side of energy use, but it’s not what most people think. Energy that is used to improve productivity is a boon for humanity; energy that’s wasted is the true evil in this paradox. Which uses of energy are good and which are a waste? I think we can all agree that energy lost in transmission is a waste, but each person and each society has to determine for themselves which end uses of energy are beneficial and which are not.

This conflation of energy use and energy waste has resulted in quite a number of attacks against supporters of the Bitcoin blockchain. After all, the Bitcoin blockchain uses quite a large amount of energy in its day-to-day operation.

Separating productive use from waste is just as important in the context of Bitcoin as in any other context. Think about it: what could be a more important use of energy than securing the value of people’s time and money on a global monetary network that is constantly available, completely immutable, and immune to influence by any government, corporation, or special interest group? I submit that there are very few.

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