The funniest crypto week of Dec 11th

We figured out why crypto spring is so slow.  The CoinGecko icon on the app is still stuck in Halloween, will it ever go away?  THAT is what has caused all the trouble.  This thing: 55336196129919da5cf6724792786fdd4a9ec4dacb99aab0ef45613772f8ebf3.png Please make it go away.  We are deleting the app and will reinstall, while throwing nickles in the ocean, silver for sea luck!!! 

Look, bots have taken over our news feeds, feeding us falsehoods after lies after more, when will it stop?  To echo many before and after us, PLEASE MAKE SAMMY STFU336957f59a85b1c014a33e77fb974c58c40646a26e428e78033b776dc9e48485.pngTLDR:  LOOKIT those cheesecake, retouched, filtered, sexy sammy shots!!! AH HA HA THAT's not even subliminal!!! Sammy's big puppy eyes in the Beeb!! Sammy's manly, action star well lit face pose in the Guardian AH HA HA HA HA HA!! oh that's horrible.  Oh this is gonna be a long slow hilarious kabuki show, isn't it?? 

Lotta funny theories out this week, might be the big funny.  On one side, we have the "let it burn" reghammerers that say do NOT allow ANY regulated business to hold crypto in any way!!! On the other side, or is the the SAME side??? is the theory that Sammy was an inside job - Sammy was a gummint plot to totally discredit crypto to keep fiat power!! AH ha ha ha, erg. 

What other big funnies this week?  Loads in reghammer land, the world is pushing crypto rules through that will not affect the biz running from regulatory havens like FTX moved to AT ALL.  It's funny!!! 

ahh we need bigger funnies.  Here's one!! 

Dear readers know it's funny how the press either ignored or complained about Binance's giant bags.  The Wall Street Journal did their worst, it's a jokeb7c8d9a22615c07871d37fa1496c5c68dad6c680ae41a2232093553893d587f6.pngTLDR: The best of the weak chit the WSJ could scrape together is a LAUGHER!!!  Binance's corporate structure is whatever it needs to be to stay the 4#$((&*(#*$& away from the next world power that tries a reg power grab.  Get OVER IT!!    It's hilarious.  If yer worried about Binance's strong internal controls, perhaps consider the proof of the pudding!!!  YA that's the EIGHTY BILLION IN LIQUID< !!!!! blue chip cryptos sitting there man, it's beautiful.  You want more info about how Binance's systems liquidate assets?  They work better than yours, that's how. STFU!!! Quit KIDDING!!!  Mazars did a report, there's nothing else there, save this

255a75ada112af37a9df2cf3c304e162c032503628b11ddc034e2d1129754bfc.pngTLDR: Binance is overcollateralized, WTF!  

It gets funnier. Jesse is out of a real job, so he is in charge of randomly harassing big #1, Binance !! d0f02726e6df2898b771a682aef4fc9e42b1982268eab9a6fd062dcbba05a0c7.pngTLDR: Jesse, just like the FT, says that Binance is LYING, they are not including their LIABILITIES!!!   Sorry Jesse, CZ already said, on the record:   we have no debt.    But what's great funny, freedom of money funny, CZ just says OK!  Whatever we gotta show ya, we will show ya!! AH HA HA HA HA yes baby yes!! e59b19a4bd9e36f1b74db253555e369cb3e2792c4bf048aa7e30bae9b8992758.pngCZ is laughing.  Y'all want negative balances in a PoR?  Okay boys.  Sounds like Johnny Thunders.  OKAY!!! We love it!! Reading music

We love y'all cryptonauts, take care of yourselves. 

Peace out, 



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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !
Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !

After decades motorcycling in NYC to work on Fintech and play punk rock, I just woke up to Cryptocurrencies and fell in love like never before! Blogging for the hell of it while learning my way through this awesome, deeply revolutionary evolution in money. Join us while we laugh and flip off the central banks and their currency debasing governments! Stack sats to the Moon, Lambo, don't reck, FUD, FOMO, wild wild west, bless Satoshi!

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