Testimonial for Saltoken Butthurt BUTT coin

Testimonial for Saltoken Butthurt BUTT coin

got sunshine in my pocket and a lovely bag of BUTT coin to shill !  SkinnerCrypto came through with the bag. 

We are tokenizing tribalism.  Be offended, and be offended even more that others are not offended.   This is the way. 

It's all true, the creators of the sadly short lived but always missed and remembered Horsesh*t coin have stepped up to a whole new level.  The Ropsten Test Network level to be exact.   But for the nefarious salty ways of the BUTT coin, it's all good!  Lookit these bad boys sitting in the blockchain out there in the interweb... do you have FOMO yet? you do, you want some!!  are you sad that such eon changing technology can be abused in this fashion? 


So say something divisive, polarizing, tragically inherently blindly biased, and I will send you a BUTT coin, and together we will change the world.  Or accelerate it, anyway.  Or maybe not, perhaps we can just disagree even on the above. 


BUTT won't give you corona virus.  BUTT won't create hyperinflation to service impossible socialist goals.    Unless we can figure out how to make it do that, in which case c'mon moon lambo tahiti with us baby.. But really, more likely BUTT won't do chit. 

BUTT won't appease the anti-crypto politicians.  BUTT coin will stand firm to vote the bastards out. or not, if you are in favor of that.  The whipsaw is the ultimate salt-mining technique.  

Let me end on a disagreeable note by slagging the coin just fed to me.  The BUTT logo, WTH is that ? a small circle cut out of a flag of some island nation? showing conflicting colors, shapes, and visual motion.  Salty. Design along the lines of fast food places that want you to leave ASAP.  

In closing, as we all know, whenever someone gives one a long sentence of praise, it is all meaningless when the next word is "BUT(T)...."

Cryptofans we love ya... don't be too butthurt. 

Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !
Hi, I am Dave, and I just got hooked on crypto !

After decades motorcycling in NYC to work on Fintech and play punk rock, I just woke up to Cryptocurrencies and fell in love like never before! Blogging for the hell of it while learning my way through this awesome, deeply revolutionary evolution in money. Join us while we laugh and flip off the central banks and their currency debasing governments! Stack sats to the Moon, Lambo, don't reck, FUD, FOMO, wild wild west, bless Satoshi!

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