HEX - how to 6x your stack

By Zde | Hex / PulseChain | 24 Aug 2021

With the hard-fork of the Ethereum blockchain approaching (maybe within 2 months of this post), here's how you can HEXtuple (you heard it hear first) your stack.

As ever, let's use 10000 HEX as our base.

  • Buy 10000 HEX
  • Stake that HEX for 10 years (3650 days)

And that's it - you've HEXtupled your stack .... WAIT, WHAT?!?

Here's the numbers:

  • A 10 year stake effectively TRIPLES your stack, so when you end your 10000 HEX stake in 10 years you will have 30000 HEX with the interest (see my post on TShare interest)
  • PulseChain is COPYING all erc20s on the Ethereum blockchain INCLUDING your HEX stakes
    • So at the snapshot you will get a 10000 HEX 10 year stake on Pulsechain AS WELL
    • And in 10 years that will have 30000 HEX too


So with one stake on the Ethereum blockchain of 10000 HEX, you will have 60000 HEX (split across 2 blockchains) in 10 years.


Enjoy x

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Hex / PulseChain
Hex / PulseChain

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