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By Zde | Hex / PulseChain | 19 Aug 2021

Staking Hex pays better interest the longer you lock up your tokens.  That's the premise, so lets look at it with today's numbers ....


19/08/2021 - TShare Price = 18465 HEX (this means the calculated end of your stake needs to be 18465 for you to have 1 TShare).

Let's say we have 10000 HEX to Stake:


So staking for 10 years (3650 days) is giving us way more TShares, and this number is used to multiply by the daily Payout (which ranges recently between 5.7 and 9.4 dependent on how much HEX is staked and how many stakes are ended early where the penalties are shared amongst other stakers). So last night's calculated payout was 5.777, so our stakes would have received:


So our 10 year stake is making $1.69 per day of interest based on today's prices - who knows what 30000 HEX will be worth in 10 years??$$??  More than 10000 HEX though, if we just left it liquid for 10 years that's for sure.

If we take our 1 year stake (365 days) and restake it every 365 days nine more times, not only would we have to pay restaking fees (which currently on Ethereum are outrageous [hopefully PulseChain will solve this soon]), but the TShare price after 365 days will be higher.  So it is possible/probable that our 12000 HEX we now have may not get us 0.649 TShares if we stake for 365 days again.

The TShare price will never again be better than today's TShare price - it is written into the Smart Contract code.  So our 10 year stake has that TShare cost of 18465 HEX fixed for 3650 days.  Whereas if we stake smaller, every time we restake our amount of TShares is getting smaller, and thus our daily payout of HEX interest is getting smaller.


If you want to play about with the numbers yourself, go to:  go dot hex dot com


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Hex / PulseChain
Hex / PulseChain

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