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NFT Blending Guide on WAX (NFT GIVEAWAY)

By Hob | Heroes on Bike | 18 Feb 2023

In this article, I will explain how to blend NFTs from the HeroesOnBike collection on WAX blockchain using NeftyBlocks' Blender.


In particular, I will show you how you can obtain a series of NFTs representing the initial stages of Italian artist Caterina Galli's sketch, which will eventually converge into one complete artwork.


Before we begin, it is important to clarify that NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens and, unlike traditional currencies, are primarily used to represent digital artworks, music, videos, games, and other digital content. In addition, WAX blockchain is a specialized public blockchain for the videogame and NFT industry.


To get started, you need to purchase some of the promotional NFTs (from the market or associated drop) from the HeroesOnBike collection.,619361


These NFTs can also be found in the BLENDER PACK, which contains 5 random NFTs from the collection. The pack is available at the following link:


Once you have obtained some of the NFTs, you can start blending the NFTs to get the initial stages of Caterina Galli's sketch. To do this, you will need to use the NeftyBlocks Blender, a platform application that allows you to burn NFTs to create new tokens.


To access the NeftyBlocks Blender, you will need to visit the following link:


Once on the site, click on "Connect Wallet" to access your WAX wallet and select the intermediate result to be obtained and then the promotional NFTs you purchased to be burned.



After selecting the NFTs, you can start blending the NFTs using the "BLEND" button. To get the initial phase of Caterina Galli's sketch, you will need to blend together 4 promotional NFTs with infinite supply from the HeroesOnBike collection. To get the Intermediate Phase you will have to blend 4 NFTs from the Initial Phase and so on.


Repeat the blending process until you have obtained all the necessary intermediate NFTs, representing the different stages of progress in Caterina Galli's artwork. Eventually, by blending all the intermediate NFTs, you will get the complete artwork of Caterina Galli representing Marshall Major Taylor. 

The complete artwork is available in a limited number of 50 pieces, more than half of which have already been blended. However, within the BLENDER PACKS, you can find some of the intermediate NFTs and other rare and exclusive NFTs. The pack is available at the following link:


In addition, I want to offer readers of this article the opportunity to try blending NFTs from the HeroesOnBike collection. If you comment on this article with your WAX address within 2 weeks of publication, I will send you some random NFTs so you can try blending and create your own NFTs.

If you don't have a WAX address yet, you can create one for free by downloading the Wombat Wallet app on your smartphone.

Wombat Wallet is an easy-to-use and intuitive WAX wallet, available for iOS and Android or you can use the chrome extension on pc. Once you create your WAX address, you can use it to buy and trade NFTs from the HeroesOnBike collection and many other collections on the WAX blockchain.

I can't wait to see which of you will be able to get the latest copies of the exclusive NFT by creating and blending NFTs from the HeroesOnBike collection!

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