OpenOcean : The New Intelligent Marker

OpenOcean : The New Intelligent Marker

By RitabeII | Helloadaora | 19 Aug 2021

The blockchain world is for the first time seeing a big leap forward with some mind-blowing ideas since the inception of forks on the ethereum blockchain, many forks have come on the blockchain, bring solutions like never before, some clogging the network up, some were doing the opposite and moving things forward.


One of them is a revolutionary idea to have many Dexes and Cexes under one roof for all users and crypto enthusiasts to participate by removing the network gas fee and substituting it with its token called OOE, not only that, this new idea has made its algorithm to pick the best price of the market across these chains, be it Dex or Cex, on Binance smart chain and Polygon. On Tron or Ethereum. The best price per time is picked by the program developed into the network while the users enjoy the best price with the most reduced slippage ever. I’m talking of a first of its kind OpenOcean Protocol.

The vulnerability of many chains with the recent hack of some networks has given many bad names to crypto, aside from its scary volatility. OpenOcean network has put in place to keep its system secure by auditing, besides having their indigenous developers who work round the clock to keep the network secure. OpenOcean is partnering with external auditors like Certik and SlowMist.

In making its protocols wide known, OpenOcean is starting the third and fourth quarters of 2020 with aggregating Dexes on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum to starting the cross-chain swap. The next move goes to TRON, followed by more integration on Solana and Ethereum Layer 2. A first of its kind. The third quarter of this year deals with the issue of the OpenOcean native token OOE, a token that helps to lower the slippage when trading and also pair or split the transaction fee. Bring more aggregation to the Polygon network and onboard more CEXes. DeFi Yield product will be integrated into the network by the fourth quarter of 2021, expanding the horizon of OpenOcean and making it a must-have for market traders who arbitrage from one network to the other. CeFi derivatives won’t be left out, to also include Futures and Coin-M Future. The whole of 2022 will fully go into aggregating more DeFi yield and lending product to CeFi with the inclusion to Margin pool, with 2023 capping it all with the launch of the much-awaited intelligent asset management platform to help in the algorithm of picking price across the chain both centralized and decentralized to mitigate losses and high slippage.

The utility token of OpenOcean is OOE, with a market supply of 1Billion, built on ERC-20, only 33% of the token is earmarked for liquidity mining. The OOE token also gives membership of many ranks to users on OpenOcean to come either as a VIP member, fee Premium or on the SAAS platform. The OOE token also helps to vote proposals when submitted to the network. Users can stake to mine more OOE tokens by providing liquidity of the token and having a share of the transaction fee. OpenOcean Dex is built on Pancakeswap.

The benefit of OpenOcean goes far beyond being just a market to trade coins with the lowest possible slippage you can get on the chain, the mode of operation of the platform to pick the best price in a time frame makes OpenOcean one of the best out there. Traders can get good value for their money when trading. Holding the OOE token also gives a double advantage to both the OpenOcean ecosystem and users who hold it. Not only are they helping the platform but providing healthy liquidity for all traders alike. OpenOcean is the first and still the best out there presently.  

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