Funniest moment of my life

Funniest moment of my life



There are many funniest moments in everyone's life and it is difficult to choose and define a single moment.  And there are moments in my life, some of which I have forgotten and many are safe in my mind, so let me tell you one such moment.  Whenever I remember that moment, I can't stop laughing.




 That was a few months ago when our university closed due to COVID 19. And from the management, we were asked to evacuate the hostel. And after a few days, our online classes started. It was a very boring feeling these days.




Suddenly one day I opened my WhatsApp and someone added me to a group called College Jaggers. And all of us college friends were added to that group.




By the way iam comming towards my main point.. After a long time, friends in that group arranged a meeting And we were all told to gather in one place. 




On that day, as soon as I reached the place mentioned by my friends, all my friends were waiting for me.  We all hugged each other Despite of corona.  The reason was that we met after a long time.  We went to the hotel together and ordered tea there.  While taking tea, a friend called me Mooto 😂.  


Hehhehehehehe ❗❗ 




You may not understand the meaning of this Mooto❗❗..In our language , we call Mooto the man whose height is less and fatty. And during my college days, I was the guy who had less height😂😂 in whole class.. Btw


I had no idea they would remember my old name for so long. We had funny names for each other in college days.  Then in the same way we started calling each other by old names.  Believe me, my laughter did not stop. That day we refreshed a lot of old funny memories.


Hey❗❗ Don't call me Mooto anymore because my height has increased 😂😂 



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