Harvest Finance Creativity Contest WINNERS - Festive Edition

By Farmer Chad | | 31 Dec 2020

Down on the farm we've been celebrating Christmas and are swiftly approaching the end of the old year.  We're looking forward to what 2021 will bring for crypto, defi and especially Harvest Finance. 

Despite the holidays being upon us, humble farmers from all over the world rolled up their sleeves and got to work creating some more fantastic stuff.  We've been inundated with all sorts of things - music, art, handicrafts, carving, games, metal work and even a real life Chad Santa handing out tractors to good boys and girls.  As it's Christmas, there were more prizes than ever, so now that your done feasting on turkey, feast your eyes on the winning entries.

*Details on how to claim your prize at the bottom*


- $1500 in FARM - 

Bryan Divisions - Harvest's resident rapper back on the mic, this time dropping some jingly messages of seasonal cheer and goodwill to all farmers


- $1200 in FARM - 

Andy ZhNing - masterful carving skillz reveal a a contented looking Chad sitting down to a feast of bread, basking in the warming glow of a Christmas crypto bull-market and high APYs from his yield farming.  Check out the video to see how it was done!



- $800 in FARM - 

Paul Mihalache - sticking firmly to Harvest Finance's belief that bread should be given to the people, Paul donned his Santa suit, and went around his local town handing out sweets and tractors, putting a smile on many children's' faces.  Moreover, he wrote an inspiring piece documenting his Santa act and digging into the psychology of giving - well worth a read, and hopefully convinces a few others to follow his charitable act.


- $600 in FARM - 

Kiki Alase - this is the type of forgery we approve of - a Chad crafted from a lump of metal, with a sackful of bread for the people.


- $600 in FARM -

James Esson - the Twelve Days of Christmas, Harvest Finance version!  James committed to this totally, dropping a new reveal each day in  the Discord server, and then even went the extra mile by putting his beautiful voice over the top.

6th - 10th

- $450 in FARM -

Shahwez Bhutto - lots of patience and craftsmanship to create this chiseled Chad using traditional Sri Lankan techniques.  

Tiernan - Chadventures in Snowland - how high can you score?  

Hamidzareie - wonderfully festive scarf featuring Farmer Chad and his tractor - will keep you warm on long snowy walks through the fields!

RDY Tobi - turning a lump of wood into something truly Chadly 

Camilo Acosta - beautiful embroidery showing Chad and Emma watching New Year's fireworks.


11th - 20th

- $300 in FARM 


21-50 (in no particular order)

- $100 in FARM - 


51-75 (in no particular order)

- $50 in FARM - 


Well blow me down - that's a sackful of creativity! 


We had a ton of entries, and only so many prizes to award. If you didn’t win, don’t take it personally, and don’t complain - there will be some more chances to impress in the future.   

If you are a winner, send a Twitter DM from your entry account with your ETH address to @Farmingyields


More contests coming soon - so stay tuned, and stay humble. 🧑‍🌾 👩‍🌾


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