Harvest Finance and the power of Pay It Forward!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 23 Dec 2020

Spoiler alert! This is not the usual crypto post! 

November made me understand that unity and working together is the key to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Above all, family is the most important aspect of life, but helping must be a state of mind not an obligation. The Maslow's pyramid of needs shows how the human nature will aim for basic needs before looking esteem, self actualization and self transcendence. 291cf5eaa0594bd7c71ac810ea0dbee5bdad3f8c00c679fc55b86006340ddb01.png

My wife doesn't know, doesn't care, and doesn't want to learn anything about crypto but she knows the FARM logo, can recognize Chad and thinks that the Harvest Finance community is the best! December is about giving back, a month of "Pay It Forward!". If you didn't watch this movie, I highly recommend it!

If Maslow's Pyramid and the "Pay it forward!" bored you already but you are still curious what's this post about ... I will explain it now. Monthly, Harvest, Harvest Finance shares #BreadForThePeople, and helps humble farmers to get a honest income as a result of the highest yield available across the newest DeFi protocols. My $FARM stash was obtained through the Creativity Contest and not a single penny was invested in $FARM. As the stash grew bigger, the reward grew bigger, and up to date almost 2 FARM tokens were farmed in the auto-compounding pool. Is not much but is honest work. 4ecc2065d3eecdfad18145fbf908891a7399fd2ca948ad0c7ea88674dcf5fe44.jpeg

Now... its time for #BreadForThePeople to become #JoyForTheChildren and the easiest way to do that was to pick up name tags from the Wishing Tree, donate a gift and make a child's dream come true. As a new measure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the presents will be quarantined for 72 hours, than wrapped and safely delivered to local charities in time to give thousands of children a reason to smile this Christmas. The 2 FARM tokens I farmed were used to buy gifts, toys and sweets for boys and girls of various ages (at the beginning).


I picked up 12 tags from the Wishing Tree and created age appropriated bundles of gifts. I took them to the Wishing Tree unwrapped as per "Covid-19 precautions" set of instructions, and placed them gently around the Christmas Tree.3fdecfc0c9aff2af578ac5cd736af71dcfa959af2ca4785f5f52675ba43cebbe.jpeg

I am sure Gavin will be happy with his tractor sponsored by Harvest Finance. I hope all the others will have a smile on the face and a warm feeling in their hearts. Than a question raised in my mind... why are we thinking about underprivileged children just for Christmas? They are having a hard time every day of the year. Is this just a method to make us feel better at the end of the year, thinking that we are doing good deeds, but the rest of the year we act like spoilt brats with nasty characters?45c55c24cb8f1628c18eebe361e0b25dad61870064ac5a123e3168008e38df01.jpeg

Self reflection makes you wonder if you are stepping up to the expectations. When I left the gifts by the tree, I realized that there are still many unpicked tags and I took five more. Another set of gift bundles was prepared and taken the next day at the Wishing Tree.9764b6efec8dbd72db809f6736af2fe74759c4aa3273b985228604dcf796f054.jpeg

As parents, we lead by example, and I strongly believe that our children character is created from young age. When I told my five years old that I bought some toys for underprivileged children, he didn't asked what toys, his question was "Why only toys?" I wanted to explore his thought process and he said sweets, clothes and books are needed, cause this are important too. I told him that the next day we can go to the shops and buy gifts for a child of his choice, and he wanted to focus on a 5 years old, because he knows exactly what a 5 years old needs. He choose a nice set of cozy PJ's, a dinosaurs book, a map, KitKat and a helicopter toy as an extra. 47c9ce4c00c53e21b6e9827f14f758d6ba8da736dad6cc3f6ac534c3c1c1ed1e.jpeg

I had to treat him for being such a gentle soul, and gave him an early Christmas gift from "Uncle" Chad. The new generation of farmers is already here!

He likes Lego, he likes Tractors, and had fun building up the toy! 

I spent some good hours thinking how to spread #JoyForTheChildren with cheer and joy. The result of this reflection was Santa Chad, the humble farmer that shares sweet and tractors. 1a4d3ec419be402dc9c40ab0c7d78bae5568ca7b99ffcaae28bae5061d583539.jpeg

Guess what... more $FARM provided more gifts, so the #JoyForTheChildren movement evolved into a street movement, that made young ones and adults smile when meeting this new iconic winter figure, the one and only Santa Chad! c936e94adb83574701d069f070baa6d17cf91d1f8ef8622f773f545daacfefda.jpeg

Rare sightings of Santa Chad were reported! He was seen sharing sweets and tractors #JoyForTheChildren

The good vibes from Santa Chad made me feel great. And than asked myself .... why limit myself to bring joy to the children, when there are others around the world without drinking water, suffering from starvation. What about those missing the base of the pyramid of needs? Can I bring change in someone's life? Of course I can... and I will do it! This spark was lite by the kindness of my fallow farmers, and a fire shall be woken! I am just a drop, a single drop that will soon became a river, and this river will create hope. From this hope will rose a raging flood, and a tidal wave of change will start.

I wanted to keep this link with Harvest Finance, and my attention turned to Chad! I am not mentioning our Chad, who flex his muscles on the tractor, I am talking about Chad, the fifth largest country in Africa, twice as big as Texas, with suffering to match its size. Chad is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, where most of the population live in poverty. The country has poor human rights record, and the humanitarian crisis might soon become a humanitarian catastrophe as Chad is facing conflict-induced displacements, destructive rains, floods, loss of crops and the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Almost 1.8 million children under 5 years are suffering from global acute malnutrition, including 500,000 who are severely malnourished

I searched for charities focusing on helping the people in Chad and I narrow it to this two, UNICEF and Action Against Hunger, because hunger is a silent killer, same as the lack of clean water.d18437b0693cafe932dbb0048a7b8a7ca719ea937440963618451437fb369717.jpeg

My donation will provide over 600 children with clean water and 60 doses of therapeutic milk used for children to recover from life threatening hunger. Moments like this makes me realize that even if we think we don't have much, we still have more than others. We take for granted clean water and shelter, food waste goes ballistic, we don't care about reducing our negative impact, while on the same planet, the same needs are privileges.8201dfa77a42e0f4633a1373131726372d23f0c6f03b902567c67822b806cf92.jpeg

Did I make a difference? I certainly did for at least 600 children! Dear reader ... you can see this on the internet, on a mobile phone, or maybe a computer, using electricity and from the comfort of your home. Others are not so fortunate and I believe is time to pay it forward


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