How to REACTIVATE dried JELLY GOUACHE Paint | Himi Miya Gouache | Paint AMSR

By bluekasumi | AoiKasumi | 5 Jun 2022

Hey guys,

In this video I'll show you how I restored my dry jelly gouache paint. You only need a spray bottle with water and a spatula to mix the colors with water and make them smooth and usable again. The full process took around an hour, but is very simple, satisfying and relaxing.

Some colors were more dried up than others so add as much water as necessary. I hope you'll enjoy this video, because it's also ASMR. Also check out the before and after image at the very end! Let's go from dry paint back to Jelly Paint. I hope you enjoy the from this to this transformation.

You can find the Jelly Gouache Set I'm using through the following Referral Link:

I hope you enjoyed this video! Stay tuned for more video to come in the future! <3

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