Waiting on the Coffee Maker

A few mornings ago, I woke up as a pre-coffee zombie. As the Coffee Maker was hissing and sputtering, I zone out by staring at my coffee mug and spoon. I finally get the liquid motivation down my gullet and enter the land of the living. A thought of a still life project starts to materialize in front of me. So, I grab a clean mug and spoon from the dish drainer and start thinking. After working out what method and angle to use, I come up with this.


I decide to go with a heavy line cartoon style. I wanted the upside down spoon and harsh highlights / shadows to represent how I felt before my first cup of coffee. Not quite there with an itchy beard stubble. Plus, the background color is pretty close to how I like my coffee. One teaspoon of creamer and one teaspoon of sugar. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

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