A Black Christmas Ornament

I'm not much of a Christmas person. While I don't celebrate it, I'll parrot a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays back at ya just to be social and not to pee on anyone's happiness.

I used to enjoy Christmas much more. But in 2013 that enjoyment came to an end. That was the year my wife / soul mate passed away. So, ever since then, no Christmas lights or tree here. Humbugville all the way.

This December, on the other hand, I decided to give a festive art piece a try. I wanted to create something colorful, cheerful and simplistic. A Christmas tree ornament started to appear in my mind. I always liked the colorful glass spheres we hung on the tree back in the day. A Vibrate Green? A jolly Red? An Electric Blue? A multicolored, fun, ugly sweater pattern? A spark of cheerfulness appeared as I worked on.

But, the way 2020 has smacked us in the face, like the fumes of a overflowing toilet, this is as hot I could muster up that spark.


Maybe after a potentially more positive 2021, I'll get more festive. That or just add a few more colorful balls to this stylishly black one. I get the feeling it will go well with any color. 

So.... in a shuffle to a more cheerful direction.....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Be kind and stay safe out there. 

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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

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