I quit my job today

By Groonie | Groonworld | 16 Aug 2019

This is the end of my career in science. I've been working in medical research labs for the past 5+ years, and today I handed in my two weeks notice. From the beginning of september on, I'll be a student again, pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science.

My reasons for the field of leaving medical research are manifold: The utter lack of career options for anything below a PhD, the abysmal payment even with a PhD, and, over the last two years specifically, my increasing ethical concerns about animal testing.

The next three years are going to be financially challenging for me and my family, but given the job opportunities and career options in the comp-sci field, it'll pay off in no time. This is by some margin the biggest change in my life since the birth of my daughter. What used to be some vague Idea I've been toying with for a while has just turned into reality, and I'm just excited beyond words.

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