Introducing Myself To The Publish0x Community

By gringo211985 | gringo211985 | 10 Jun 2019

Hello my fellow Publish0xers 

My name is gringo211985 and I am a digital artist that likes to create fractal images and animations using JWildFire3.3.2. I always create unique and what I think are interesting fractals, but I'll leave that up to you to decide... 

I'm brand new to Publish0x and I'm looking to create a new blog with a fractal image series where I create fractal artwork for all the Publish0xers to enjoy. I'm really liking the concept of this community and hope I can help by doing my small part in creating some content.

I do have a YouTube channel although my animations aren't currently the best quality as the rendering time is quite ridiculous. We are talking 72 or more hours of rendering for a 4k resolution fractal animation!!! Please do feel free to check out my channel at:

Thanks for reading my post and here's to a positive future at Publish0x!!!

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Hi there, my name is gringo211985 and I like to create digital art fractals and fractal animations. Please check out my work and subscribe if you like what you see!

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