Great DCA experiment
Great DCA experiment

Great DCA experiment

All updates on my great DCA experiment.

Great DCA experiment - report XVII (weeks 81-91 +21(10 new))

9 Jan 2024 5 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

Well it took me longer that I thought... searching for a new job (with a few other things) take me more time that I predicted. And to save You waiting I decided to split the report part from altcoins' stop conditions. Also I didn't finish it at full...

Great DCA experiment - report XVI (weeks 71-80 +11(6 new))

9 Nov 2023 13 minute read 1 comment Lyokoheros

I'm sorry it took so long ago, but... well the problem I had with the previous report kinda seems to worsen, including some things in my personal life that seemingly got better to kinda revert back to worse. And frankly, it took me a few attempts to...

Great DCA experiment - report XV (weeks 61-70 +5)

2 Mar 2023 19 minute read 1 comment Lyokoheros

So another long wait... but there were several reasons for that. Besides my usual disorganization and problems with time management. First of all, there was... a bit of chaos in my portfolio recently(I'll explain later what I mean). Secondly when I w...

Great DCA experiment - report XIV (weeks 51-60 +5(1 new))

1 Dec 2022 9 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

Ok, so this is a bit late but I decided that because of how late was my previous report I will do it a week later... which eventually lead to a bit of further delays, but anyway here it is. And this time it also contains some new coins and another ca...

Great DCA experiment - report XIII (weeks 41-50 +4(1 new))

13 Nov 2022 10 minute read 2 comments Lyokoheros

O gosh, this report is so much late that I had doubts about how much sense it makes to publish it... after all, AT this weekend I'm doing the last purchase for the next report... why it took so long? Well, many things happen... from my drunk, toxic f...

Great DCA experiment - report XII (weeks 33-40 +3)

15 Jul 2022 15 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

I initially planned this post for the previous weekend but... well it just so happened that it wouldn't be full week after last purchase as I was a bit late with it, so I decided to move it for this last weekend... but it still took me way more time...

Great DCA experiment - report XI (weeks 28-32)

11 May 2022 14 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

I'm finally back!  After, very, very long time. Well, lots of things happened during that times - including recent price drop, but more about it later... - but if You are not interested You may just skip the next paragraph and went straight to the ac...

Great DCA experiment - report X (weeks 24-27)

20 Jan 2022 6 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

And now I'm late again. I'm sorry for that, but right after Christmas I get sick, and sometime after it turned out I got Covid... it wasn't that bad actually, just slightly worse than usual flue - it got me chained to a bed for like 3-4 days instead...

Great DCA experiment - report IX (weeks 21-23)

19 Dec 2021 7 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

It's almost an entire week late but the last weekend I was on advent retreat, then I have some tasks on university and qualification tasks for a new job... so it was a kinda hectic week. But well at least I can also take the third purchase into consi...

Great DCA experiment - report VIII (week 19-20)

26 Nov 2021 4 minute read 0 comments Lyokoheros

And here I go, being late again. Anyway in the end I managed to stay at current semester but it took some extra effort... also the fact that I have to skip all the classes at university, so now I have a lot to catch up on, and I still don't have a ne...