venezuelan president Maduro and his profit of China xi jing ping

Venezuela independence day celebartion 211 years and depending to CHINA ,Rusia and Iran.

Celebration Today, Venezuela, a Latin American country, celebrates its 211 years of independence by having separated from European empires, mainly from the Spanish empire, a struggle that began years before but was finally declared on July 5, 1811.On July 5, 1811, the territories of Caracas, Cumaná, Barinas, Margarita, Mérida, Barcelona and Trujillo declared their independence from the Crown of Spain, established a new nation based on republican and federal principles, and abolished the monarchy under the values of the equality of individuals.  
Likewise, the Declaration of Independence Act enshrined the constitutional principle and radically opposed the political, cultural and social practices imposed during the 300 years of colonial rule in America.
It marks the path towards the conformation of what today defines it with the Venezuelan adjective. More than two hundred years ago, perhaps not even Bolívar himself would have



5 july 1811 declaration independence


imagined the importance of this event, not only for the country, but also for South America. This event traces the passage from colonial Venezuela to republican Venezuela, with laws and institutions, whose ideology still remains the historical heritage that manages the Venezuelan population.
On the other hand, today 2011 years have passed and Venezuela is not an independent country, well, it always depends on business and international treaties with other countries, but very apart from this and thanks to the fact that Venezuela has a hostile pseudo-communist government with Marxist tendencies, it has caused the flight of capital, economic and human taking the prosperous oil country to ruin so much so that its inhabitants have emigrated even some ate from the garbage until recently
Venezuela still has oil, gold, aluminum. coltan and other rich minerals, as well as beautiful beaches and landscapes where you can do tourism, but the government has always clumsilymade it impossible to remedy the damage, and long before the United States and the European Union imposed sanctions for various violations of the population and laws and life already in 2013 at the beginning of the term of Nicolas Maduro the country was already experiencing an imminent collapse due to the enormous corruption of the high government of Hugo Chavez and his family.venezuelan independence proclamations
The Venezuelan regime has very powerful alliances, the so-called axis of evil or non-aligned countries, from some of them Venezuela has asked for a lot, a lot of money in loans to be paid in 30 to 40 years and to which it has given shares in state companies and the national one in the case of oil from Venezuela, also permits to extract uranium in the case of Iran, Russia also takes its piece of the cake and of course China all are seized of the country's wealth and this misfortune began in the era of Hugo Chavez ..
Celebrating the separation of Venezuela from the Spanish regime 200 years ago is only a symbolic act since the country depends for its survival, just like Cuba, on the money in remittances sent by emigrants in exile to their families, of which a percentage per transaction It remains to the regime just as they depend on food imported from China, Russia, Iran, SYRIA and other friends of Maduro, all of which benefit the country. Boxes of food donated by MEXICO arrive and are sold to the population at a very high price. cheap once a month

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