November Rain 🌧️

By Gaia ❤ | Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto | 30 Oct 2021

So if you want to love me
then darlin' don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walkin'
In the cold November rain

Guns n' Roses


October turned out to be a decidedly positive month for cryptocurrencies, although I do not hide the fact that I have some at a loss in my portfolio and I can't wait for them to explode. 💥

November is a month that I consider generally sad 😥, especially for the climate 🌧️, I hope it brings me the smile of the earnings generated by crypto 🤑.

Get to the point, here is the list of cryptocurrencies that I hope will reach the moon in November, as always THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE.

1. ANKR, sleeping giant, today there has been a slight growth but I consider it extremely promising, the market cap is not too high and I believe that $0.80 is within his reach, especially considering his rivals.

2. VET, sleeping giant, I have seen more VTHO than VET grow, I hope VeChain for project, liquidity and partnership will compete with ADA, $1.00 is a good price. This is my old post about $VET, a crypto for the peeled tomatoes!

3. CKB, rising promise, I invite everyone to inform you about this project, I do not intend for now to influence you in the least and I would like you to make your own idea. In the future I will write a post about it. 

4. RSR, a rising promise, also on RSR in the future I will write a post, I just point out that on Twitter many talking about a listing on Coinbase, I don't even dare to imagine how much the price could go up if this happens.

5. REEF, rising promise, on paper a very interesting project with a very ambitious goal, that of uniting CeFi with DeFi. I hope that the facts finally arrive and that the supply will be limited with a nice burn. If everything goes in the right direction it could also do a x10.



Gaia ❤️

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Gaia ❤
Gaia ❤

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Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto
Girl on a Hot Tin Crypto

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