I could never do that!

By gira180 | gira180 | 14 Sep 2020

Do you ever say this? Is it admiration or a dangerous limiting belief?


Recently my wife Araceli did a 30 day raw vegan challenge. She shared her experience on her facebook feed and people responded very positively with comments like “Wow, how wonderful you are doing that!”. But right after they would say “I could never do that!”.  I experience the same reaction when I talk about my way of eating or the things I work on and of course I understand that people say this as a way to show admiration but is there maybe also a truth to their statement? Do they really think they could never do it? Are we really doing things that are impossible for other people to do? Of course not!

Can’t or won’t?

I have been on the Ketogenic way of eating for over a year now and have seen great benefits in losing my excess weight, increasing my energy and my overall improved quality of life. Still when I talk to people about it their reaction is often “I could never do that!”. Really? You would not be able to adjust your eating habits in order to live a more healthy life or lose weight? Of course you can! What if you were told you would die unless you do it? Of course you would be able to do it then right?

Why we do things

So why would anybody just flat-out say “I could never do that!”? They have not even tried or know all the details so how would they even know right? And by saying it this way the person on the other end of the comment is not very likely to share their experience with you. You already clearly stated you cannot do it, not now, not ever so why would they bother? Result: A missed opportunity!

I think the problem here is that people do not first ask themselves the most important question. “WHY would I do it?”. If you have no profound reason to do something then even the smallest sacrifice or difficulty would be too much and of course you would think you could never do it. But, if you see someone doing something and they are having success at it why not stop and think if maybe they are on to something? You could learn from their experience!
In regards to people’s comments on our way of eating for example if they are themselves overweight they will at some point have to take action and will probably try to re-invent the wheel in stead of learning from our experiences. This means making the same mistakes others have already made, resulting in a longer process and maybe even resulting in an abandoned attempt.

Limit your limiting beliefs

Even if it is just meant as a light comment of admiration and I should not read too much into it I still believe it is a sign of a deeper underlying limiting mindset and we should be very aware of how often we use this phrase. By simply changing our response we could open up opportunities for ourselves and engage into a more positive conversation with others so we can learn from their experience.

So, next time you encounter someone that is doing something you think is admirable why not try and find out what drives them?  Maybe in stead of saying “I could never do that” you could say “What motivates you to do this?”. You never know what things may come out of it that you thought you could never do!

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