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5 Must Have Cryptocurrency Asset Management Tools for Everyday Use

2 Dec 2019 13 minute read 5 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

As we head towards the close of 2019, Rohit and I recently sat down to discuss the year that has been for cryptocurrencies and what it has meant for the industry in general. A major trend this year has been the emergence of new financing avenues thro...

How Governments And Conglomerates Are Using Blockchain

9 Oct 2019 5 minute read 9 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, people the world over have woken up to the transformative potential of blockchains. While there have been obscure applications in the past, the role of blockchains in vastly improving operations and business proces...

Making Crypto, Currency - The New Frontier for the Cryptocurrency Industry

18 Sep 2019 5 minute read 2 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

A research conducted jointly by consultancy firm Capgemini and BNP Paribas Bank states that the total volume of digital payments is estimated to reach 726 billion transactions by 2020. With crypto acceptance still at a humble 2%, the share of cryptoc...

The DEX versus CEX debate - How does the DEX measure up to the CEX?

7 Aug 2019 4 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

The prosperity of the crypto market has had a lot to do with the success of centralized/custodial exchanges (or, CEX). This seems ironic since decentralization is one of the founding pillars of crypto. Moreover, a long trail of hacks and scams from p...

The Case for Market Maturity in Crypto

25 Jul 2019 4 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

In their seminal research whitepaper that introduced cryptocurrencies as a new asset class to the world, Adam White (Bakkt) and Chris Burniske (Placeholder VC) described bitcoin as possibly the “biggest technological development since the Internet”....

Untangling Crypto Regulations: A European Journey

10 Jun 2019 5 minute read 5 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

In 2018, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforced punitive measures in eighteen crypto related cases, as opposed to five instances the year before and just one case in 2016. Comparatively, the EU crypto scene has seen lesser legal act...

Blockchain Regulation in the U.S. and Malta — Of Leaders and Laggards

31 May 2019 6 minute read 4 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

This article is an exploration of the myriad world of cryptocurrency regulations; and specifically, ICOs, the U.S. (and the SEC) and Malta.   Lagging behind "We believe that the SEC could do more to clarify its position" —  U.S. Congress Members to S...

Blockchain: The Future is Calling

3 May 2019 5 minute read 4 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

It’s 2019 and everyone is talking about blockchains. Call it a fad or futuristic, blockchain is the buzzword of this decade. Research shows that 65% of businesses with more than 10k employees are either considering adoption or already using the techn...

Anatomy of a Scam (Scripted Chats)

26 Mar 2019 2 minute read 6 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

Telegram is the go-to place for most conversations on crypto. Therefore, nearly all leading projects have Telegram channels for sharing information with their communities. Consequently, it is also a happy hunting ground for scammers. Here's something...

Regulations in the Realm of Digital Assets

16 Mar 2019 5 minute read 0 comments Abhijoy Sarkar

“What we don’t understand, we fear. What we fear, we judge as evil. What we judge as evil, we attempt to control. And what we cannot control…we attack” – Unknown   Cryptocurrencies offer the promise of a financial system free from a centralized autho...