Running Tron (TRX) Node With GetBlock: Here’s How It Works

By GetBlock | GetBlock | 18 Nov 2021

In this story we’re going to explain the basics of running the node of Tron (TRX), one of the oldest smart contracts platforms, with GetBlock instruments.

Being cutting-edge nodes API connection provider, GetBlock continues its series of articles designed to demonstrate the opportunities of our toolkit. Today let’s get our hands dirty with Tron Network (TRX) that attempts to become a mainstream ‘Ethereum killer’ since 2017.

Running Tron (TRX) Node: What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron (Tron Network, Tron Blockchain) was introduced back in 2018 by Justin Sun, an eccentric Chinese American entrepreneur. Tron is developed and maintained by a Singapore-incorporated non-profit Tron Foundation established in July 2017.

At its core, Tron is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built around native cryptocurrency Tronics (TRX). It works not unlike BitShares (BTS) or Eos (EOS): tokenholders lock their tokens in favour of validators in order to share transactional fees with them.

In July, 2018, Tron acquired the iconic decentralized data sharing platform BitTorrent while SteemIt was added to its ecosystem in 2020. In 2020-2021, Tron CEO Justin Sun stressed its smart contracts platform is focused on DeFi and NFT segments.

Running Tron (TRX) Node: Who Already Uses Them

In Q4, every smart contracts platform (both ‘old-fashioned’ like Ethereum or Eos and novel like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon Network) has its own specialization. For instance, Ethereum and Polygon host numerous DeFis while Binance Smart Chain ecosystem is focused on decentralized gaming (GameFi or Play-to-Earn).

When it comes to Tron (TRX), it is obvious that this platform is a go-to solution for gambling and high-risk applications.

According to DappRadar dashboard, 6 out of 10 largest Tron-based decentralized applications by total value locked (TVL) belong to these two categories. At the same time, SunSwap DEX is the largest Tron’s dApp by trading volume: it processes $30 mln per day.

Running Tron (TRX) Node: Accessing Tron via GetBlock

GetBlock, a leading nodes API provider for Binance Smart ChainEthereumPolygon and 40+ other blockchain, allows its customers to connect their dApps to Tron (TRX) nodes.


Tron nodes module in GetBlock’s dashboard // Image by GetBlock

Our Tron (TRX) node is available with 100% uptime: its endpoint can be accessed via JSON-RPC method. Both shared and dedicated Tron nodes are available with GetBlock: to work with dedicated nodes, a potential customer should contact our team.

Here’s how GetBlock accesses the Tron (TRX) node. To demonstrate it, let’s check the TRX balance of a smart contract and of an account in the Tron (TRX) network.

article image

In this demo"YOUR-API-KEY" header refers to the unique identificator assigned by GetBlock. ‘TronWeb’ and ‘contract’ addresses refer to the public addresses of wallets and smart contracts tested.

'The TRC20 balance is:' strings demonstrate the result, i.e. the balance of the tested account in Tron-based tokens. Just like with Ethereum, ‘TRC’ means ‘Tron Requests for Comments’

That’s it: here’s how we access Tron (TRX) in GetBlock. We can easily connect your decentralized application to Tron’s fast and cheap smart contract environment. To discuss our collaboration, please, tap our customer support team in Telegram.

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