My Thoughts on Publish0x - What's Good and What's Bad!

By at350 | General at350 | 7 Jul 2020

As a relatively new blogger on Publish0x, I've found it to be a fun way of earning money. Sure, most articles earn about $0.01 - $0.20, but money isn't the actual value that comes with blogging. The value in blogging is to share quality content that others will enjoy and sometimes share a meaningful, even beautiful message. In this article, I'll share my thoughts on Publish0x - what I love, and what they can improve on.

The Good


Tipping is the feature that sets Publish0x apart from similar blogging platforms. Unlike other websites, readers can tip bloggers on Publish0x, with the readers and bloggers getting crypto! There's three benefits that I see from the tipping system Publish0x has.

  • Incentives for readers to read on Publish0x. Sure, there might be better content elsewhere. But do places elsewhere pay you for reading on their platform? If it weren't for the tipping system, there could be much fewer readers on the site then we see now.
  • Bloggers get paid for what their content is worth. From my experience, many blogging sites pay you in views. If an article gets a lot of views, that means many people are reading it and seeing ads. Therefore, that article brings in a site more revenue and they pay the creator of that article more. However, there's a problem with that. What if readers didn't like that article or bloggers post bad, click-baiting content to earn more? On Publish0x, people tip creators anywhere from 20% to 100% out of a given amount of crypto. The reader chooses what the article's worth, not a view count.
  • Motivation to create quality content. Because bloggers are paid by readers, they constantly want to impress readers with as outstanding work as possible. This leads to a steady stream of creators on Publish0x with new articles posted each day, keeping the community healthy and alive. In fact, it goes beyond writing. People post music, videos, and more. This variety of content on Publish0x makes it a great site for readers of all types.

Tipping System on Publish0x


Publish0x is still in beta, and that's a good thing. There's a lot that Publish0x can improve on to become a site almost anyone would love. The developers at Publish0x are attentive and personally read a lot of the posts on the platform! There are constant improvements to the site, making it clear that the developers are passionate about their work. The Publish0x is thriving because of this, with readers and writers rising each day.


For readers, this isn't a gigantic thing. But for writers, it means a lot. The blogging interface on Publish0x is good. There's a large variety of tools to make articles the way you want them, everything from simple bullet-point lists to CoinGecko widgets. Neat! Tags and the ability to have separate blogs on your profile for different topics is also a nice touch. The essentials for making great articles on Publish0x is here, and while it can be improved over time, it's already very capable. Having a good interface makes me focus on writing, not how to use the tools!

The Bad


Publish0x doesn't do much wrong. If I have one complaint though, it's the content. Look at the top of the site. It's filled with links to read about crypto and other related topics. The front page of Publish0x is always filled with content about DeFi, crypto, and blockchain. While the abundance of cryptocurrency-related content isn't directly negative, it's certainly bad if Publish0x wants to expand to more users. Most people in the world have nothing to do with crypto, and so when they see confusing terms such as "staking" and "decentralization" splattered across Publish0x, they're drawn away from the platform. Personally, I've also felt that the "Explore" tab is very underutilized. Because crypto articles are the most popular and are what Publish0x is based around, other topics you see in the Explore tab such as music or sports don't get a lot of things written about them. To solve this problem, I think Publish0x should start expanding, not away from crypto particularly, but incorporate other content that's under-published on the site. An example is adding a small section to read about Technology or Opinions on the front page. This way, more diverse content can get pushed out to readers, and writers can earn more for writing non-crypto related content.


However, the content isn't an enormous problem right now, especially because I'm not sure whether Publish0x wants to expand. Currently, the site is in beta and it would make sense to expand the platform when it's completely polished, not now.

Publish0x Home Page Top

Smaller Things

There're some annoyances related to Publish0x that I've noticed that ruin nothing, but are annoyances.

  • Tipping with a VPN isn't allowed. This might be because of security reasons or something similar, but if tipping with a VPN can be added it would be great!
  • When saving article drafts, sometimes saving will create a new article. This leaves me with two drafts that have the same name, and I have to open each one up to find the outdated one to delete it.
  • Tagging articles with existing tags means you can't change the capitalization. Let's I want to tag this post with "ThoughtsOnThis." If somebody already used that tag but said "thoughtsonthis," then I won't be able to have the capitalization as "ThoughtsOnThis " This gets annoying since I end up with tags with all different capitalizations.
  • Opting into Publish0x notifications should remove the bell on the bottom right. Sometimes it gets annoying just having your cursor hovering over it and seeing a black banner saying "Join us!" appear on the screen.
  • Post replies don't show up in the email. As the author of a post, whenever somebody replies to your post, you get an email notification. The thing is, you can't see what they wrote from the email. Yes, it would take a good amount of work to let us see our post replies in the email itself. But it would be amazing if we could!
  • Privacy Policy seems to have mistakes.
    • Under the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) section, it reads "Do we let third-parties, including ad networks or plug-ins collect PII from children under 13?" then the section ends there. So, what's the answer to that question?
    • Periods are missing under the Does our site allow third-party behavioral tracking? section, In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices we will take the following responsive action, should a data breach occur: section, and possibly more.
    • I didn't read the entire thing. So if others notice anything, let Publish0x know!

These are the annoyances I've noticed throughout my time on Publish0x. Overall, I think Publish0x is great. With the development that the site is going through constantly, it might as well revolutionize blogging in a matter of years with the revolutionary tipping system. It's only a matter of time until Publish0x articles constantly end up on the front page of search engines, and people make the site something everyone can appreciate.


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