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By ryosuke | Genaralities | 8 Sep 2020

there are so many cryptocurrencies nowadays as of 2018 there are over 1600 cryptocurrency some of them has similar names and some not such as bitcoin and bitcoin cash ,so in this post i'm going to compare these thus without further ado let's tackle it

creation year:bitcoin was created in 2009 while bitcoin cash was created in 2017

price:we all know that bitcoin has the highest price as of now bitcoin hits the $10,123.58 on the other hand bitcoin cash hits the $224.16

payment rapidity: bitcoin cash beats bitcoin in this one because BCH are virtually instant whilst BTC takes up to 10 hours to confirm a transaction

transaction fees: BTC takes $3 per transaction whereas BCH takes $0.003

development: BTC has only one development team that dictates how BTC should work on the other side BCH has over 6 teams that's building this latter

room growth: BCH can perform 24 transaction per second and can scale to 1 million while BTC is limited to 3 transaction because it is artificially capped

number of mining algorithm: both of these crypto have the same number of mining algo which is 1

max supply: also those two have the same max supply which is 21 million

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