Add a non-existing asset to atomic wallet

By ryosuke | Genaralities | 12 Aug 2020

Atomic wallet is a wallet that contain so many coins and tokens such as BTC, BCH and DAI. but for example it does not contain 1UP unless you add it by yourself. well adding it is very easy you can follow this tuto to find out

the first step is to to click on the plus button as shown below

this will direct you to another window it is the same as the image beneath and click on add by contract

this will give you a form to fill (don't get intimidated by its fields )

All you have to do is to find the contract address and past it into its according field the remaining fields will be filled automatically 

well to find the contract address of 1UP you have to visit  and search for uptrennd it will give you a result like the image below

copy the the highlighted address and paste it in your atomic wallet form  like below

and then click add token this procedure will add 1UP into this magic wallet and if you want to check go back to the main window and type in the search bar Uptrennd it will show you the result below

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