CryptoMarket and Steem

CryptoMarket and Steem

By gduran | gduran | 15 Jul 2019

Bitcoin is right now at nearly $10,800.00 and it has recovered a little from yesterday's low of $10,016.00 so I don't see any reason to be particularly worried about it, yes it might be that it won't break out these days but still nearly $11,000.00 is way better than the less than $4,000.00 it was at just a few months back. Indeed I think more than a few people have already cashed out and made a nice amount of profit in these two months. Of course I feel that it will get better in the future, I am not talking about those $40,000.00 to hundreds of thousands guesses, but being cautious I do think it could go higher than the previous $20,000.00 high and might reach $25,000.00 in the near future. Remember that is how I feel it is not a recommendation it is your money you will risk so you make the decisions.


So I feel good about Bitcoin but Steem which is frankly where I have spent most of my time the last couple of years, actually on Steemit, so I have a sentimental attachment to it, well Steem does not seem to be getting any traction, if Bitcoin goes up it goes mostly flat and if Bitcoin goes down it goes down faster. Looks like tehre is a jinx on this coin. It's not that I am heavily invested in fact I only have about 200 Steem right now, but frankly it is the only place on the internet where I have been able to make money and actually withdraw it and get that money in cold hard cash. So you can see why I like the coin so much.


Now what is the matter with Steem? It is a very well thought out platform, it has good vibes, it has nice people on it and it has been a good place to make money so why is it facing such hard times? To me the reason is greed, people want to take out as much as they personally can and leave as little as possible to others. This has made it increasingly more difficult to retain or sign up new members. Most people just take a look around see the place for a few days and leave because they find it is not where they want to be, the promise of free money while true is not easy and at first you might just get pennies if you are lucky. I have been sticking it out mainly because I am as stubborn as the best of them but also because I feel that at some moment there might be a change in attitude which is what I think is needed.


Fortunately there are new platforms where one can also do the same things and are also a probable future source of income such as of course Uptrennd, the others that have been created lately and also the new Dan Larimer product Voice which even though not out yet has a lot of people waiting for it to see what it brings, it could be a flop but expectations are what make things happen.


In any case I think places like these are the future and we should all try to be a part of this, who knows maybe we as pioneers will be able to fulfill some of our dreams by just working happily and at our pace on places like Uptrennd and Publish0x.


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