Grayscale could offer Chainlink trusts

Grayscale could offer Chainlink trusts

By Gamma | Gamma | 23 Jan 2021


Grayscale seems to want to establish a trust based on LINK


Registered under the name "Delaware Trust Company".




One of Grayscale's service providers used this name to establish a Bitcoin trust for asset managers. However, before getting excited about this addition let's wait and see if it actually happens.

Grayscale's interest in LINK is not entirely surprising, LINK has surpassed its all-time record several times, crossing the symbolic $20 threshold in mid-January.


To currently reach $24.97 with an increase of 11.56% in the last 24 hours.



Grayscale seems to want to choose altcoins with a solid project that goes beyond a simple payment network. They are also setting up a trust for crypto BAT, XTZ and MANA.


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