What Do You Want To Read About Under The Video Games Section?

To start off, I've been writing articles reviewing games on here for the past couple of months now, and I've noticed that the readership seemed much higher on the one article I wrote about an Enjin coin contest.  So, I wanted to try to strike up a conversation with any readers of this sub-forum to see what sort of articles you are interested in reading about here in the Video Games section of Publish0X?

I haven't found an actual poll option, so just to toss out some categories:

  • Straight Game Reviews, articles about games past and present and opinions on their quality.
  • Blockchain Game Reviews, articles about crypto related gaming
  • Pro Gaming Coverage, articles about E-Sports league play and results
  • Non-Pro Competitive Gaming, articles about the author's own matches in competitive games
  • Free Stuff, articles about free games or contests to win stuff in games
  • Play To Earn, articles about ways to make cash, crypto, or gift cards from gaming.
  • I Don't Care, I'm just here to tip myself 80% on any random article :D


From what I see, most of the popular articles (by tipping) tend to be about Playing to Earn on Blockchain games, with Free Stuff probably coming in second.  Maybe that's just because they end up cross posted into other categories?  Anyhow, I'm mainly hoping to kick off some discussion in the comments about what people want to see relating to gaming here on Publish0x.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and thanks to anyone that leaves constructive feedback!




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I write, mostly spoiler free, reviews and articles on games of all kinds.

Gaming Critiques & Commentary
Gaming Critiques & Commentary

The aim is to provide unbiased, mostly spoiler free, reviews and articles on games of all kinds. I try to add two new articles, or reviews, a week. They should appear sometime on Monday and Thursday night.

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