Splinterlands share your battle: Mycelic Morphoid

By Wazza84 | games-and-stuff | 16 Apr 2022

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Another week, another share you battle 😁 For this week, we battle with the Mycelic Morphoid.

Is this a just a filler card if you have a slot left to fill, or does it have specific use or tactic? Let's analyse.


Mycelic Morphoid

Mycelic Morphoid Stats Mycelic Morphoid Stats

Mycelic Morphoids are in a constant state of growth and development. As part of Queen Mycelia's brood, Morphoids work to spread the growing blight on Praetoria. Infected themselves by the poison, they take root near streams and rivers, contaminating it with the blight. In turn, the waters feed them, and a second Morphoid sprouts from the original. Together, the two travel as one until they split and continue the process.



  • Edition: Chaos Legion
  • Rarity: Common
  • Element: Earth
  • Attack: Melee

Normal Foil (level 1)

  • CP: 5
  • Cost: $0.053
  • Rental a day: 0.1 DEC 

Gold Foil (level 3) 

  • CP: 70
  • Cost: $0.742
  • Rental a day: 0.149 DEC

Above prices are taken from peakmonsters.com.


  • 1 Mana 
  • Thorn (level 3)


  • 1 Attack  
  • 1 Speed   


As an level 1 card, i don't see any other use of Mycelic Morphoid other than being used as a filler card if you have a 1 mana slot spare. This changes when the card gets his Thorn ability at level 3. But then it is still only useful as filler, or as an attraction card for opportunity monsters. And only if your up against melee teams like water or fire. At level 3 it will take out the Serpent Spy for instance. Or as a last line card to do some damage.

Even in certain rule sets like little league or super-sneak, it makes no sense to me to use this card other than being used as filler / attraction card.


Teams and Rule-set
23wqkdvMDjLar9y6fqaHfypmLKf5x2AwWEnuyK1haSJ88vidULq6WjFTVbM7TDeDLhoaF.pngLink to full battle

The rule-set of this battle:

  • Mana Cap: 22
  • Splinters: All
  • Rule-set: Normal

My Team


  • Splinter: Earth
  • Summoner: Obsidian, Buff: +1 Magic
  • Tank: Unicorn Mustang, Void
  • 2nd Line: Venari Scout, Opportunity
  • 3rd Line: Goblin Psychic, Tank Heal
  • 4th Line: Mycelic Morphoid, Thorn

Opponent's Team


  • Splinter: Life
  • Summoner: Mother Khala, Buff: +1 Health
  • Tank: Gargoya Scrapper
  • 2nd Line: Blinding Reflector
  • 3rd Line: Time Mage, Slow
  • 4th Line: Thruthspeaker, Protect
  • 5th Line: Pelacor Arbalest, Double Strike
  • 6th Line: Celestial Harpy, Flying & Opportunity



My opponent used 5 Earth teams as his last entries, so my setup was based on taking on another magic team.

As i thought to be up against magic, i chose Mustang Unicorn as a tank to block the magic attacks.

As 2nd line, i chose the Venari scout because of the opportunity buff. This way i could take out the Khmer Princess first.

Third would be the Goblin Psychic to heal my tank. And finally the Mycelic Morphoid, this my opponent also used the Goblin Thied (sneak) in some of his setups. So with thorn i could do some damage.


The Battle


Upon starting the Battle, i saw my opponent used Life instead of Earth so i didn't think my team could stand a chance. But this turned around real quick. First the Gargoya Scrapper gets taken out. And after an attack of the Celestial Harpy on the Mycelic Morphoid where it lost it defense, i got lucky that the Pelacor Arbalest missed one of its attacks. Now the Goblin Psychic could heal my tank back to near full health.


In round 2, the Celestial Harpy gets taken down by the Venari Scout after it got damaged by an attack on the Mycelic Morphoid. That attack unfortunately killed the morphoid.


During round 3, the Unicorn Mustang took some damage from the Pelacor Arbalest double strike attack, but my team managed to take out the Blinding Reflector. So my opponent went into round 4 with only 3 monsters left.


After only depleting the defense of the time mage in round 4, in round 5 she gets taken done by the Unicorn Mustang. After this, the Thruthspeaker gets in tank position without any defense. Which didn't matter because after an magic attack of Goblin Psychic she also left battlefield.


With the Pelacor Arbalest in tank position unable to attack, this battle was over after the final attack of the Unicorn Mustang. This ended the game with a win on my side.



After being lucky battling against a Life splinter opponent, my opinion Mycelic Morphoid is still unchanged. Despite it could do some damage now by its thorn ability there is still no real use for this card other than being a filler. So i keep using it, but only when i have a mana slot left to fill.


I hope you enjoyed my entry for this weeks battle, and if you do, don't forget to like and follow!

Hope to see you in the next share your battle!

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