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By L7y | Gambling Strategies | 6 Aug 2021

After signing up to be a member of LuckyFish casino, then BC Game, gambling crypto, and spending the requisite time learning various strategies, how they they work, etc. I found myself wishing for more customizable options on games like dice. I asked one of my friends about any other sites and Stake was mentioned. I signed up, perused the site initially and enjoyed the layout... it reminded me of BC 3.0, so it seemed familiar. I left it at that, I was still enjoying my time at LuckyFish and BC. Eventually I became frustrated with LuckyFish dice.

Indeed it was my eventual constant busting(losing big) at LuckyFish which led me to make an initial deposit of TRX at Stake and try dice there. All I can say is the options for auto advanced mode are beautiful. With each win, loss, bet, or streak the user is able to build a step by step strategy using a plethora of options than can end with a complex masterpiece. While gambling is gambling and there is never certainty in a bet, Stake's dice can make the user feel somewhat comforted in the fact of possible safety nets(or lack there of) within their customized strategy.

How to access the advanced auto options:

Advanced Auto Options

How to create a new dice strategy:


Simple and easy to find so far, now to the nitty gritty and programming the complete strategy. This is where you let your creative mathematical energy and logic flow into creating your own customized strategy. Below is a simple example meant to be ran at 3.96X also showing the various options Stake offers. My friend built it for keno and I adapted it to dice just to try it out. I am not so big on this strategy unless I have a large bankroll, personally. 

Various step options for each win/loss:

Various Stake Conditions

The options available allow one to stray far from the simple Martingale, Paroli, and D'Alembert strategies, or incorporate various parts of each. Indeed, in the future I plan on posting various different strategies for different bankrolls and purposes. Some strategies will be to slowly increase coin, while others quickly, and others mainly to increase VIP level with a low amount of coin loss. If you have not signed up for Stake, please click the banner below, sign up, and give creating your own strategy a try.




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