the way bitcoin will be accepted

By fvanb1 | fvanb1 | 8 Aug 2019

People who hear  about bitcoin for the first time , will (just like me ) , say that they like it but also that they do not understand.

The day after they will forget about bitcoin , till the day that they will hear about it again.

They will be interested now and go read about it a little , and we all know what is happening after you start reading about bitcoin/crypto.

In june 2011  a friend of me was walking in and start talking about a new way of payment with the use of internet , it was called bitcoin.

the only thing i had to do was installing a "wallet" , and that should be it , 

at that time i did not realise what it was all about and did not have the guts to install a wallet and give all the info needed.

that was my first impression about bitcoin , i was thinking about an account what needed all the info to open a "wallet".

so , i didn't do it and forget about bitcoin for almost a year.

Then came the time that everybody was going to talk about bitcoin and i started to read about it in the news and newspaper.

From that time i was fully interested in crypto.

1/ people hear about bitcoin

2/ people forget about bitcoin

3/ people hear again

4/ people read some more about bitcoin

5/ people realise that bitcoin has to be the future

6/ people are addicted and going to preach about bitcoin like i do now


so all the people who wake up about bitcoin around januari 2018 and forget about it after the hype , they will all hear about it again and will be interested now , i think that it is unstopable


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