Guild of Guardians: Introducing Refresh Guild

Guild of Guardians: Introducing Refresh Guild

By DXW | Future of Gaming | 29 Nov 2021

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards.

Not surprisingly, guilds will be an integral part of the Guild of Guardians. While players do not have to join a guild, doing so will unlock additional modes of gameplay and earning opportunities, like crafting and raiding.

Guilds, in Guild of Guardians, come in many shapes and sizes with the smallest guilds having space for 20 members and the largest allowing up to 50. There are many considerations one must make when deciding to join a guild that go beyond the number of players. This article is the second in a series of articles showcasing specific guilds. Learn about your options, find a guild whose vision you align with, and join them! After all, gaming is more fun with friends. Today, I interviewed the Guild Master of our fifth guild, Refresh’s Change.

Maximum number of Guardians: 100 (5 Adventurers' Guilds)

Guild Founder: Change

What is the significance of your guild name?

Refresh has a dual meaning; "Refresh because we want to build a community that is collaborative and supportive of each other in the Play & Earn space. Wellbeing is an increasing trend across multiple facets of our lives and “Refresh” recognises that actually gaming and the NFT space represent a part of our member’s lives that is meant to be fun, time away from the stresses of everyday life. What we want to say is that however you as a member want to be involved and to whatever degree, we will cater for that experience. We will give you a space in which you can get some “you” time.

I think that’s a refreshing approach to gaming which can often be either grindy/sweaty or, the other extreme of totally casual, with little in the middle. We want to bring everyone together where we give you the space, and support, to achieve what you want achieve from P&E games.

The other reason I went for the name Refresh was because I was constantly clicking the refresh button on my browser looking for updates on GoG. It felt like so many were in the same position as me and I felt that Refresh would resonate with the community. We were all just fiending for the latest update and hoping to get lucky enough to get on one of the founder sales. It feels good to be able to sleep again now that all of the waves have been completed!"

What is your vision for Refresh?

"I think we have quite a unique vision for the guild. With 4 owners we have a collaborative leadership style all the way from the top to the bottom. I never thought that 1 owner or leader dictating how the guild should play is the best approach, especially in the decentralised crypto space, it just wouldn’t feel right. With that in mind, the guild members will also be consulted prior to any big decisions, after all, we are all working in the same direction.

Together, we will take the community and grow it into a recognised and established part of the P&E space. This is just the first step in the journey and we are so excited to be able to share this with you all."

What type of guardians are you trying to recruit? Any Requirements for someone looking to join?

"With 5 guilds we are going to tier our guardians and have a ladder (league) system that will enable all members to play and earn at the level they perform at. The top guild will be the most competitive and we will be challenging for the top spots on the leader board. Guild 2 players will be pushing for a spot in the first guild and the top performers will have the opportunity to move up. Conversely, people who don’t perform well in guild 1 (or who simply want to be less involved than that standard requires, which we respect) will move to guild 2. This means that there will be a space for those who want to devote a lot of time and training and translate that into good performances, regardless of the amount of heroes you’ve bought. It’s totally in your control to play in the most competitive Refresh guild you want to.

We also understand that life happens, so if you’re in a guild and you feel you won’t be able to perform for personal reasons, then it’s fine to take a step back for a period. With the strength and depth that the guild has, someone will step into your place until you return. And that’s really what this is about, its being there for each other, creating a community to support each other. The Refresh community will enable everyone to be as competitive as they want to be. We also want this to be a place for Free to Play and less competitive players who can’t necessarily grind for hours each day to find a home. And we will have space for those players in the tier 5 guild. But, in keeping with the Refresh ethos, if you want to move up and your performances warrant it, then the opportunity is always there even if you are a Free to Play gamer.

We do not have firm one size fits all requirements due to the structure, but as a minimum to be in one of the more competitive of the 5 guilds you would need 4 rare and above heroes and 1 pet. I would expect the players in the top guild to be bringing legendary/epic heroes, epic pets and a
booster. At the lower end of the guild tier there are no fixed requirements, the Refresh guild is open to all."

Are you actively recruiting?

"Yes. We currently have a very active discord with 86 members. There are 100 playing spots available and we will also have a bench system in place where you can join the guild and be part of the community even if there isn’t a playing spot available immediately. The truth is (whisper it) that
some people won’t enjoy playing the game and if they drop out, we want those spots to go to active Refresh community members."

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely casual and 10 being incredible hard-core, how would you rate your guild?

"At the top end, I would rate it as a 10. For our number 1 Guild we want to be at the top of the Adventurer Guild leader board and we want to be as competitive as possible. The strength and depth that we gain by having 5 guilds will enable us to be super competitive. At the lower end of the
guilds tier structure I would expect it to be around 5/6. We are still a guild that wants to be competitive, but we also want to be a place for the Free 2 Play and the more casual players to be able to join in and be part of the community we are building. That is really important to us. I really
believe that games, and P&E games especially, shouldn’t only be available to those with deep pockets. This is our way of giving that opportunity to others."

Is Refresh currently involved in anything while we wait for game launch?

"We have a swap/trade channel were members can safely swap NFTs with each other using one of the guild leaders (usually me) as a trusted intermediary. This is really useful as it means that you do not need to time the market when you buy/sell nor do you need send ETH onto IMX, which can be quite expensive with the gas fees being what they are at the moment.

We are also planning and creating content for YouTube which will be live in the next few months. Youtube will then become the platform that we document the guilds rise up the leader boards once the game is live. It’s a really exciting time to be part of the Refresh story."

What 3 key words would you want people to associate with Refresh?


Is there anything else about Refresh you would like us to know?

"All of the 4 leaders are based in the UK and have worked together on multiple crypto and non-crypto projects meaning that we are all aligned to the vision of the guild and have the resources to achieve these visions. Refresh is an English speaking, but very international, guild and we have members from all over the world.

We are also looking for guild members who are able to create content for YouTube / socials which will be important as we grow. We will be recruiting another mod for our Discord to support King4 in the near future. My DMs are open so drop me a note if you are interested in this and want to be a
part of the story.

We are also actively looking for investors who want to be part of the Refresh journey and support us in purchasing a Warrior’s Guild.

As the game goes live we will be running give away competitions for the active members as part of our rewards programme. More details on that to come..."


Join the Guild of Guardians Discord! We’ve got a rapidly growing community there, and we share leaks, updates and long-form pieces all the time.

Next Guild spotlight coming soon!

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