My Diesel Pool returns on TribalDex

Ok so I only recently got into Diesel Pools due to a Hive.Pizza blog and so far I am really enjoying it becuase unlike other Pools this is built on Hive so no fees for every single transactions like some cryptos.

Ok now to the main event, my returns.

I am in three pools right now




Yes yes i like PIZZA but it does offer such great rewards.

Ok the one i started with SWAP.HIVE:PIZZA

I currently have $32 invest across hive and pizza and my returns are
1.13 PIZZA = $0.239
0.009 AWESOME = $0.009
0.021 UTOPIS (which is also love holding) = $0.042
Total value is $0.29 a day on $32 or 330% APR

I have $19.5 invested
My returns arw:
6.9 PIZZA = $1.463
624 starbits = $0.134

Total returns are $1.597 a day for a for 3035% APR (im sure this will drop soon as its day 2)

The final one SWAP.HIVE:CENT which im in for $22.68 and gives a smattering of rewards.
Total return is $0.20 with an APR of 318%

So there you go, my foray into pools and my differing returns :)

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Fun ways to get into crypto
Fun ways to get into crypto

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