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My Brawl Report #4 - #HivePizza #BrawlReport 06/10/2021

Ok this intative was kicked off by the one and only @kennysgaminglife and I am hoping not to mess it up to much! This was my third Brawl and the time my silver only had 4 frays! So I was a bit nervous of messing up but I'll let you in on a secret... I got a clean sweep! I think it was because my major splinters came up more the skill but either way I was pretty happy!

Brawl 1 Slow and Posion Earth vs Earth and I maybe beat a Lama Kron

So the slow speed rules always trips me up, do I both trying to go slow or just go with my normal guns?

I deicide to try out my new gladiator card, a cheeky squirrel with stealth double strike a little like silversheild assassin. Also went for a few opportunity attacks with a one speed in the back for maybe a quick dodge and as I have started to do a summoner tank in front for love. Hoping the healer might buy some hits.

Ok they went Lama and Kron and I always forget to set up for this, so let's see how it went.

So I take out the chicken with the opportunity and my summoner dies but gets some sweet reflect damage going.

As expected we are left with last stand Kron, however I still have a full team and between flesh golem and heal I hold off that 5 damage. It takes a few rounds but we wear them down for the win!


Brawl 2 No powers, Earth vs. Death

Ok so in no powers I always got Alric and magic, however no water in this one so I went magic heavy. My theory is magicnis going to hit every time and chew through monster with armour. So went big horse tank in front for speed dodge and tank some hits, then went magic with most health up front and my lovely head hunter in the back for 4 hits

They played some big tanks but if I can get to the archers I'm going to land more hits as they hit the front row. When I look closer our two front tanks a almost the same, t rex has more power I have more speed. So I'm hoping for some archery misses. I lose a hit bit gain back with thorns.

With the help of two Archer misses I managed to defeat the lot.


Brawl 3 no melle Magic vs Life

Ok so I had to go Alroc with this one, and I also banked it all on Dijinn because I am hoping I either get a magic debuff or 5 speed makes a nice little dodge. My little guy in the back is either going to take a hit or add 2 damage

Now the protection is going to cause a but of problems, hopefully I am punch through, also that healer might wear me down a bit.

So I would have been in trouble but I got a dodge on the archery hits and wore down that heal with the 5 damage per round for a win


** Brawl 4 No archers Magic vs. Magic**

Ok so battle of the big boys, Magic vs. Magic, they went Sea dragon and I went Toro. My bit if hope is I have affliction and Lord of the sea for blast, however they have an annoying reflector in the back row.

In the end my legendary had a bit to much speed and my Toro soaked up the damage for my final win.

Overall a great 4 matches!

Hope you have enjoyed my Brawl report! As alway if your join use my referal code, failingforwards, get a spell book and I'll send you a card!

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