Are you holding your BAT or trading them?

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 29 Feb 2020

Super short post but I would really like to hear the opinion of the community. Are you holding onto your BAT or do you trade/convert it to other crypto? 

I really love this platform and the idea behind the Brave browser and being able to acquire BAT thru creating some content and even just reading content and sharing in the tipping. 

The whole idea behind BAT is intriguing but for me I still wonder if BAT will survive the ultimate annihilation that is coming for the majority of the coins that exist out there today. 

So I'm curious,  how do you handle your BAT? Please leave me a comment,  I'm genuinely interested in what this community is doing. 

I know some of you are asking, well what are you doing with yours? Well currently I am holding it with the intention to convert it another form of crypto. Which one you ask? Well not sure yet ( waiting to see what responses this post might bring) but leaning towards converting to Tezos and enjoy some staking rewards. 

Let me know, what are you doing with your BAT?

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