3 quick and easy ways to get free crypto.

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 19 Apr 2020

If you read one of my earlier blog posts https://www.publish0x.com/full-of-shif/are-you-a-crypto-evangelist-xepqwy you will see that I am not a crypto evangelist. I am an investor through and through. Having said that on occasion people do ask me about it and I tell them about it and how its even possible to get crypto for free. So it hit me the other day it might be easier if I just put it all in one place it might be easier for me to explain.

   So what this is. Some ways that I got some free crypto. What this is isn't. Is a comprehensive list of all the ways to do it. What this also isn't. A step by every step checklist of how to do it. Look, its free in terms of dollars but not in terms of effort and learning. I'll point you towards it but you have to walk to it. Alright, so here it goes

1.  PUBLISH0X- your here an reading this so this shouldn't be a shocker. Its as easy as tipping the authors. You want to exchange some time and effort for more crypto? Become an author

2.  BRAVE browser- Download the BRAVE browser and do what you  do every day. Browse the NET.  There are tons of posts here on PUBLISH0X on what it is and how to do it. The search function is up above. Type in BAT browser and they will come up.

3. COINBASE- set up a Coinbase account and participate in the COINBASE earn program. Basically watch some videos, learn about crypto and get rewarded in specific coins. Don't like those? You have a Coinbase account now and you can exchange them for something else.

click on this link to get started



So there you go 3 quick easy secure ways to get crypto. I've done these personally. This is first hand knowledge and not something I read somewhere online that I have not tried. Hope this helps. Go get you some!

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