Are you a crypto evangelist?

By FullofShif | Full of SHIF | 14 Mar 2020

I'm going to assume that if your reading this you are probably still feeling from the bloodbath that the crypto markets have gone thru the past couple weeks. It can be pretty depressing just watching your portfolio slide further and further down. To not just have the value of your money slide but also for your faith in crypto altogether be tested.

  To be transparent this massive decline is why I am not a crypto evangelist. What do I mean by that? I am not out telling my friends and family that they should get into crypto. Now this isnt to say that I don't believe in the future of crypto, it's just that what little i did share with just a few people brought doubt and criticism from them. 

As a former skeptic of crypto I dont hold it against them. I too thought it was smoke and mirrors money. I too thought anyone involved was just pissing money away. If I had not become let's say "enlightened" I would probably be saying the same thing if our roles were reversed. 

So that's why I am not sharing my investments with them. I am not preaching all the reasons why they should invest in crypto.  I dont shy away from telling them if it comes up that I am an investor but I am not going to try and make believers out of them. 

I'm not into crypto because I want to be a part of a community or to lead some kind of digital money revolution.  I am here to simply make money. I am an investor and I view the crypto markets just like real estate, stocks or any other business. I look at it from a risk reward perspective with no emotion involved. That's why I am not rattled by this recent downturn in the crypto market. This is a long term play, not a get rich quick scheme.

So I find myself in this weird place of being a huge believer in the crypto world but not a evangelist.  I'm suiting back here watching the panic and gleefully buying up more crypto but not sharing it with anyone except you all here on publish0x. 

Comment below as I wonder sometimes if I am alone in my approach. Am I just a coward, afraid the face the naysayers or justified in not wanting to sound like an Amway member trying to share with them how they can get rich. 

How about you are you a skeptic? A believer or an evangelist?

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Just a guy who woke up one day realizing that I wasn't the person I wanted to be. Living a life thinking "I really should have" or "If I had only". Finally calling myself out for being full of should's and if's (full of shif so to speak). Well no more.

Full of SHIF
Full of SHIF

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