Day 12, 26-JAN-2015: I own my first ₿ 0.14706775 !

                                                                                                                                                                         Monday, 26th January 2015.     22:21 HRS

On my way home from work I passed by my local bank and made a deposit of $ 60 equivalent to my VISA flagged debit card. I then anxiously rushed home to try and buy my first ever bitcoin. I turned on the desktop, pluged in the USB modem, opened the Bitcoin Core wallet and once again I am online. I go straight to and search for  Paypal  USD sellers. I soon find some.

The best offer turns out to be at $ 386.15 with limits $ 40 - 5600. I was immediately perplexed by the sudden price move up as just yesterday my mind went to sleep with BTC at $ 327 on localbits and $ 245 on other exchanges that I cannot buy from for reasons related to my "third world citizen" origins. I go to google and type "Bitcoin price", it turns out to be $ 303! Bitcoin has gone up $ 58 in just a day, I suppose that explains why the cheapest offer I can find on localbits is at $ 386. I decided to proceed with the buy anyways.


I opened a trade for 0.14711862 BTC buying at $ 386/BTC spending Paypal $56.78. I typed in the chat, "Hello lets trade" and waited for the seller to respond. I then spotted a pale yellow button on the seller, I now know that is an indicator of when the seller was last seen online. Green button when currently online or last active within minutes, Pale yellow for last seen couple of minutes and grey for last seen hours to days and so on. So I wait, one minute, three, the mean time getting more anxious and restless.


To calm my restlessness I fixed myself a drink and went on to browse other sites, keeping the localbit tab on. About thirty minutes later I checked the trade again and to my relief the Seller's button was now green and a message from the seller with Paypal email and other instructions. I went on to open my Paypal account and sent the $ 56.78, then e-mailed the seller the Paypal receipt (as this was part of his trading terms, I am sure it was for verification!). Then I continued to wait once again.


A few minutes, not more than five, had passed then I hear this rather loud bell sound from the site. I soon notice on the upper far right corner of the screen that balance now reads ₿ 0.14711862. I am overwhelmed to see this a burst of joy plunges me to do a sexy dance! (just joking), but I was very happy to have accomplished buying bitcoin for the first time, I had finally pushed through all the barriers and difficulties.

I realized then, that the next step is to move the BTC to my Bitcoin Core wallet, but before that I texted 'Thanks' to the trader and left a positive review, something that is emblematic of my "good manners"! "This would probably make buying again from the seller much easier", I thought. I then opened the withdrawal tab only to notice that there will be a free of ₿ 0.00004712. Ahh! What the heck. I copy and paste my address from the Bitcoin Core client already running in the background and withdraw ₿ 0.14706775. ₿ 0.00000375 remain on localbits account.

                          The TimeTraveller says,  "₿ 0.14706775 bought for $ 56.78 will be worth $ 1,344 sometimes in late June, 2020".

Now I prompt the Bitcoin Core client and my eyes are stuck to the balance tab which reads ₿ 0.00000000.....then "Synchronizing".......then ₿ 0.14706775 (Unconfirmed). WOW!


A few minutes later the "Unconfirmed" changed to little clock button at 1 confirmations and at 6 confirmations the little clock button behind the transaction line had changed to a "green tick" with a "Confirmed" status.

And now the day has come to an end with me having ₿ 0.14706775 in my pocket. My head is going round and round with ideas on what to do next with my BTC. This so much excitement would probably cause me to not sleep early and will surely be late at work tomorrow. All in all I am sure there should be a way of investing my BTC online for possible profits. We shall see.

Till tomorrow,



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