The Power of Faucets/Airdrops.
A whole coin can be collected in little pieces.

The Power of Faucets/Airdrops.

By Frenkypto | Frenkypto | 14 Jan 2021


Hello people of Crypto enthusiasts out there,


Hope you doing well this days and enjoying the green candles.

I'm Frenkypto and this is my first ever post here and really excited about this journey.

Im in the crypto space for the last 2,5 years and read/watch/learned as much as I could next to my day job and have to say it is a never ending but a fun journey, glad if you join me on this.

I wanted to make this post for some time now as I experienced something that Im sure you did too.

Whenever I found an airdrop or a faucet that actually works ( we all know there are plenty just wants your details or etc.) I shared it with my friends so they can profit from it as well.

The usual response I had is a laugh and asking me if the money they earn from it should be spent on a car or a holiday house in Spain? :)

Well we have a really good tale in Hungary about a cricket and an ant, that teaches you while the ant is collecting food during summer preparing for winter, the cricket is playing on his violin and laughing on the ants and teasing them about not enjoying that lovely weather. Im sure you got the rest of the story,- yes "Winter is coming". :)

Well I have a personal experience on one of this click and collect faucets from the beginning of my journey in crypto.

This was one of those apps on your phone that you can claim some coins every 24 hours. By the time I was collecting those coins they did not worth much as you can imagine, but I also did not have to spend hours and hours to get them, literally all I did is open the app once a day and click the claim button. I think we all agree on that it's not much to do. I did not even take this that serious there were some days I forgot to do it at all.

Well the time has passed and this coin actually got some attention ,got listed on exchanges ( including Binance ) and we all know what this means, yes the price went up crazy at times. 

Well I did not get enough money to get a car or a holiday house from it, but Im sure you would not say no for a couple of 100's of dollars out of thin air. 

So my advise is don't look at the coin price at the time of collection, if it worth it for you at the time of collection, cause as you might realised the crypto space has lots of surprises for us.

Instead check how much effort it takes for you to get it, check the project if it can be of any value in the future.

I would never use any faucets that you have to pay for in any way and you shall not too, as there are lots of them for free and they work.

A general rule for crypto faucets, what might be a little piece of a big cake today, it might be a cake one day. You not only investing your money when you buy a coin you also invest your time. With the faucets and click to claim you take out the money part of it, so you only lose that few seconds a day maximum, I think that is a risk management everyone would go for.


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Wish you all day full of green candles.



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