The day of my life...

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 3 Sep 2019

Yesterday was the day.

School started again out of bed at 6 am.

We made it. Hard to believe after a summer our days started at 11 am or even later.

I took the youngest to school first (30 minute drive).

We forgot to buy schoolstuff so I gave her some money to buy it herself.

The other kid feeded the dogs and we shoveled earth on the shit of the youngest, put her on an other spot and left to the city (1 hour drive) to school.

First day everything new.

All in black and white, lined up and in the full sun. Even before the schoolday was officially started the first students were taken inside not feeling well.

One by one students were fainting.


The teacher who held a speech felt confused, hesitated and decided to continue. They all applauded but I have not understood one word. I stood (and partly) sat in the front and saw these boys fainting. One looked as if he had an epileptic attack and is seriously wounded as he fell.

Time for me to leave.

I walked back to my car (30 minutes) drove back home (1 hour), was home for 40 minutes, left to pick up the youngest and went back to the city to pick up the other kid I told to walk to the busstation.

We waited for one hour and I decided to drive to school.

With kids back to the busstation.

At that time I could hardly stand up straight, sit or walk. The new student card was given so we had to stand in a row (only 45 people in front of us to buy a busticket for this month).

Finally our turn.

Computers down, a very unhelpful lady asked told me I could get a month card to the city hall or no card at all!

"Excuse me? We need an other busstop."

"You can take that one or you get nothing."

"No, I won't. I need the one in S-street."

She grabbed a book. Flipped a bit through it.

"Now I need to search for it by hand!"


She closes the window where we are waiting.

"Your student card is not okay. You need a sticker from school."


Back to school.

I had it with all this nonsense. The card is brandnew and all kids in line had the same new one and get their ticket.

According to the school the card is fine and that lady is nuts. She has to give us the ticket. End of October all students will get a sticker she will give it to us now although it is not allowed. It is 4 pm by now!

Again I drive back to the busstation.

We all feel broke, had no time to eat or drink and can hardly walk. The youngest will buy something to drink and a new row people waiting is ahead of us.

"What is written on that paper", I ask. "Am I seeing it right, we can buy that ticket online?"

It looks like it and I try the site. We never saw such a mess as the one of this bus company. Even free sites look better. We can not figure out how to do it.

Hurray, after one hour it is our turn.

We take the other window, the one with the friendly lady. Within 5 minutes we have the ticket and yes to the busstop of our choice. It is 5:15 pm.

At 5 pm the parent meeting started.

I am going to skip it. We need to eat plus school stuff is needed.

Meal first at a partly Asian take away. We eat a bit, the rest we take home with us (good for three days food for the bus traveller). I only bought chicken and duck. You pay for a plate no matter what is on it so no rice or pasta just meat we all eat.

Time to buy what we need at Tesco. Back in the car at 7 pm and back home over 8 pm. The kids have their new schoolbooks need to write their schedules down next to each other and we need to figure out at what time the bus leaves.

"5:54 am."


Okay, this means it is bedtime and we have to wake up at 4:30 am to drive to the busstation that is not arround the corner. The youngest will go by bike to school alone (one hour, 1/3 is landroad and walking). Hopefully, the crazy car drivers have some mercy here. No one cares if you walk or bicycle, all drive too fast, busy with their phones and car accidents happen daily.

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