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Writer, mobile only blogger. Living in a cave but with worldwide interest in everything. Human beings not in the first place.

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Will the Coronavirus change you?

16 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

Did it change you are you one of these greedy fighting people in the shops outside on the streets? Will the coronavirus change your lifestyle?  It's 9:25 am "School is open between 9-12 am for those who left study books behind and lessons/homework wi...

The world makes insane?

16 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

Sanity With each generation, more people seem to lose it or get more nuts?Might be there are more sensible people just like there seem to be more with ADHD and who commit suicide but I have strong doubts if it's true.The biggest problem of the modern...

Some passion

12 Mar 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Wakeupkitty

They asked me... You've ever seenthe purple yellow-green?Take a bite. They told me... Can't you see?Passion is the key.At least it's for me. They said to me... Sweet tooth.Fruit tastes good.It's so smooth. They promised me... Afternoon.Served on a pl...

Kurt - Lost his space

3 Mar 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

Kurt was a huge, comfortable man, whose body dropped fast into any inviting spaces.Not that it was smart. Frequently he got himself in trouble and needed help. Being huge was not a plus in a world of little people. He couldn't remember a different wo...

A shoe's tale

27 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Wakeupkitty

They do it at once. We all have to line up and stand in a row. They say it's our only chance to showourselves and be seen.The others love it.I hear them brag but I'm not so keento be noticed or be one of them. Who will it be, who will choose me? They...

A yellow lie

27 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

Your skin is never soft or smooth.You don't taste sweet but still good.Your color is way too much for me.You're the fat fighter no one can see. They say you are a citrus fruit.They claim you do the dishes good.The drain and stove you give a hand.They...

A story

25 Feb 2020 3 minute read 1 comment Wakeupkitty

Those days I tell my children a (bedtime) story are over.These days they tell me one and I am the first who goes to bed. Wrapped in a fleece blanket, with my feet on a hot water bag, I try to keep warm. I wear my beanie and listen to the story my kid...


25 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

"I didn't see anything", Little Dog said as he accused him of cheating. None was sure if he spoke the truth. But since barking dogs do bite it was better for all to be quiet. Home was no option alone. Since Carface started to rule it was no longer co...

She did it!

23 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Wakeupkitty

  "It is crazy to start a porcupine farm in your backyard!" Crazy or not she did and they are so cute. If they know you you can stroke them and if not...They should make great pets and better as the common dog. They shit less as a goose and do not ma...


20 Feb 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Wakeupkitty

Keeping it straight can be hard no matter if you are a scheduled or straight person.Straight... how come one word has so many different meanings? If I hold him to prevent from falling I'm keeping him up straight?Not that I have the intention to do th...


Peach tree covered in snow

15 Mar 2020 Solominer

16 March 2020
Mine never made it. The cherry did so I planted one last year. I hope it survives the winter.

Desert Combat Gameplay 03-15

15 Mar 2020 Solominer

16 March 2020
I like your writing style. Thanks for the good read. I wait till I can tip you.

The 5 indispensable tools to manage your cryptocurrencies

16 Mar 2020 Roberto D.

16 March 2020
Interesting post. Perhaps grandmother can buy with coinbase but I gave up on it. By now I use only one broker and that's enough and already bad enough. Good tips but what you need first is a good and fast internet connection. Without you are always too late. Twice it happened to me the brokers took a break or frozen my investment because they were too busy, needed to train people and now my Steem because?

Prepare for Dark Times

12 Mar 2020 DimitarM

12 March 2020
I won't sell and partly cannot sell. Bitvavo frozen a part of my currency without mentioning it and does not respond. Interesting is a different Dutch company did exactly the same as bitcoin made a huge jump. Everything was locked, they claimed they needed a few days to train people....

Libra’s Supporters decide to Back another Stablecoin ‘Celo Dollar’

12 Mar 2020 Tokenhell.com

12 March 2020
Thanks for the info. I guess it will take way longer unless FB thinks out something new.

Wow. Much Loss. But is it 2008, or is it 1929?

12 Mar 2020 Daniel Goldman

12 March 2020
Tje blockchain might be great, it's cryptocurrencies too but if you can not lay jands on what's yours it's getting a pain. What is your project about? I.have a look..

To Which Extent Has Coronavirus Infected The Cryptocurrency Industry?

12 Mar 2020 Tokenhell.com

12 March 2020
I hope in China it will be easier as in the Netherlands to use cryptocurrencies. We can buy/invest but if it comes to.lay ypur hands on it, it's a different story. A tipbfor you.

Wow. Much Loss. But is it 2008, or is it 1929?

12 Mar 2020 Daniel Goldman

12 March 2020
I am afraid you are right if it ever happens again. I hope the impuls of the government helps. If not the question is if people lost all their faith in investing and cryptocurrencies. The banks win again.

DentaVox - Get paid in crypto for answering surveys

3 Mar 2020 DimitarM

03 March 2020
A trick question means the question is the same but asked in a different way. Only idiots don't recognize that and will give different answers to the same question. I wonder what this token it's value is.

Bitcoin settles above $8,800, the recovery stalls

3 Mar 2020 Tokenhell.com

03 March 2020
I wonder where the "regaining ground" is based on and like to know what it all means.


27 Feb 2020 diosarich888

28 February 2020
No not really ... we are a country of apples and pears.

Phone Farm - earn crypto with your mobile phones

29 Dec 2019 DimitarM

28 February 2020
30 cents a month🤔 your electricity must be cheaper as mine. I wouldn't go through all this trouble for 30 cents only and believe me, I live in poverty. It's faster earned but saving the money (food) out of my mouth, not using a fridge, dishwasher, use a washing machine less frequently and above all stop buying fast food and drinks/candy bars on the way. It will do your wallet good, you van invest and save yourself the trouble. This post is different from the last one you wrote. All the great options joining sites, using a different browser are not described here. I guess it's not possible for mobile phone only users. Thanks for sharing thr info. 👍💕

How to start with Crypto without investment and no KYC required

28 Feb 2020 DimitarM

28 February 2020
I am afraid no matter what you join you are always on your own. I don't agree you can write about anything at this platform. You can but the reward is close to 0 if it's not about cryptic here cows here. Even a lousy post with just a link (theme crypto currency) is rewarded a hundred times more/better as stories or any other subject. It makes this platform harder to join and more boring to be. I read you are not allowed to write what you like, if it doesn't fit in it's removed without yelling you and a reason given. If you ask me this platform could grow fast if people are willing to engage more, not a quick post and leave. I have a look at the mobile user post. Brave doesn't work on my phone and I gave up on it. The earning sounds good once you are big but you be noticed first and only big fish are, no matter which platform and what you write about. It's easier to buy bat for 5 euro as try to earn it here. I use Bitvavo and am happy with that wallet. It works better as all the others I tried and the customer service is very fast (not always fast). Thanks for sharing. I cannot tip you it takes 23.50.04 before I can.


27 Feb 2020 diosarich888

28 February 2020
Here you can buy salads with pasta. They call it meal-salads. I do not like pasta and if I buy salad I want salad, vegetables not the cheap stuff full of carbohydrates. Sometimes you see it with couscous but these salads are very expensive. I am not fond of pineapple either. Only at times we eat it. I still have some cans of pineapple in my cupboard. I intended to add some to the curry sauce with chicken but my children hate it.


27 Feb 2020 diosarich888

28 February 2020
In Hawai they only eat pineapple or add it to everything they eat?

The court allowed to resume the case against Ripple

28 Feb 2020 Kluma

28 February 2020
What does this mean? Ripple is a bad investment or? 🤔 A tip and good day for you.

My Racing Adventures Part 3 🏁 "Ford Mustang GT (2015)"

27 Feb 2020 Etson0x

27 February 2020
What do you mean by "gaming community"? I don't think Publish0x is a gaming community or? a tip for you happy racing?

Price of Bitcoin Drops After $150 Million Liquidated on BitMEX

27 Feb 2020 Tokenhell.com

27 February 2020
Thanks for the info. I assume it affects all other cryptocurrency too.

I have just hit 500 subscribers on Publish0x

26 Feb 2020 DimitarM

27 February 2020
Congratulations. I hope they bring you something good. 👍

GoodBye FaucetHub - It Was A Great Ride

26 Feb 2020 PajeeBear

27 February 2020
I understand and you are welcome.

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The 5 indispensable tools to manage your cryptocurrencies

16 Mar 2020 5 minute read comments Roberto D.

Cryptocurrencies never sleep, so analysis tools help monitor everything. Everything happens too quickly and keeping track of everything is a real challenge. Volatility is also a factor that keeps you glued to the screen far beyond the physiological l...

Desert Combat Gameplay 03-15

15 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Solominer

I had a shower thought, can I steal the AC-130 gunship from the enemy base. Fly it back to my allies base, fill it up with my own troops. Take off and rain down hot steel on my enemies using their own aircraft. So I had to give it a try. I take a fig...

Peach tree covered in snow

15 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Solominer

When I moved to Georgia I thought having a Peach tree would be a good idea. Though for most of Georgia that is fine, but I live in the north. And we get snow and freezing weather throughout the late winter and early spring. Down south of Atlanta, its...

What’s Happening With Stocks & Crypto

15 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

The stock and crypto market took a huge dive recently, but I don’t look at this as a bad thing. I look at this as an investment opportunity and here’s why I think you should too. Baron Rothchild once said to “buy when there’s blood in the streets” an...

To Which Extent Has Coronavirus Infected The Cryptocurrency Industry?

12 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Tokenhell.com

Coronavirus has infected more than 120,000 people worldwide so far, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it pandemic. Besides uncertainty in the financial markets, the crypto and blockchain industry also affect by COVID-19. China Delays C...

Libra’s Supporters decide to Back another Stablecoin ‘Celo Dollar’

12 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments Tokenhell.com

The crypto project, Cello Alliance for Prosperity, revealed its supporting members in its recent blog post published yesterday. Many of Libra’s supporters joined the new project “Cello dollar” aims “banking the unbanked”. Libra Still not Ready for Ad...

Wow. Much Loss. But is it 2008, or is it 1929?

12 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Daniel Goldman

This article is going to be short, as it's more just a warning (though it isn't financial advice). A lot of people were shocked by the recent events in stock market. A lot of people have never experienced anything like this. Others remember 2008 and...

Prepare for Dark Times

12 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments DimitarM

What a crazy day, huh? I want to share my thoughts on this day and how you can deal with it. First of all, in a matter of minutes, the BTC price followed the rest of the financial markets and took a crazy dive down to $6k. As of writing this, we are...

Bitcoin settles above $8,800, the recovery stalls

3 Mar 2020 2 minute read comments Tokenhell.com

BTC/USD hit the intraday high at $8,923 and retreated to $8,822 by the time of writing. The first digital asset has lost 1% since the beginning of the day, though it is 2% higher from this time on Monday. BTC is moving within a short-term bearish tre...

Steem Witnesses Freeze Steemit Stake To Block Tron

28 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Scott Cunningham

The Steem witnesses recently came to a consensus that Steemit and it’s related accounts’ stake will be “freezed” and prevented from doing several operations to protect the health of the Steem blockchain from Tron. Due to uncertainty and talk of a tok...



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