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A bright Friday - Oct. 11, 2019

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**4 am**Time to wake up. I cannot my left side is out of... **5 am**I am out of bed. We needed to hurry or the bus left without my kid and I have to drive the whole way **6:05 am**There is a bit fog but it will not rain today. Back home. Hurray for m...


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Silk, only one item reminds me to this word so early in the morning. It indicates it has all within. Promising for the body and the soul? It cries locked in. Armor, not silk covers skin. image source #wakeupkitty #kittywu #armor #poem #talentcl...


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He groaned as he arose. Crawled out of the earth.Old enough to use words but he couldn't get them out of his throat. His tongue was taken, cut out as he was still young and happy, loved to play outside in the sun. "Monster", they had shouted, "You ar...

A perfect Thursday

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Perfect Thursday - Oct. 3, 2019 Awake... time? I stay in bed feel miserable. **4 am** Wolves howling the youngest has a strange sound. **4:30 am** First post of the day Happy birthday day via SteemCoinpan and on Weku too. Read, commented and upvot...


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"I thought we were partners! You were the first who wanted this project. And now you tell me I have to deal with it alone?! You know I don't have the qualifications or can sign the papers on my own. Any more surprises?" In a flash she thought back h...

Royal portrait

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As he ordered her to bendshe saw what he didn't see,obeyed immediately. It was not to please her king. "Hi, are you a wasp", she asked,"Can you sting for me?" "My pleasure, my Lady",it said as it bowed its headand stung the royal portrait. #wakeupki...

Once upon... Alien

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This is a true story. It all happened a long time ago in a land far away. Only a few who know about it are left. They try to forget or are forced to keep their mouth shut. Once upon a time three tyrants ruled the world. They had a lot in common. Al...

Dolly - a freewrite story

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If you freewrite you don't need to think out a storyline. You start writing and sees where the story ends.   "Aren't you risking your reputation by coming here?"   She frowned. Reputation? What the hell was he talking about? It was the first time s...

Naked baby

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"Hey, baby, I give you a hundred buck", slavered the snail to the slug. "But only if you dare to slide in here", snail drooled, "and... are completely naked my dear!" I had an old piece of paper left for snail and slug. This is my entry to @deemarsh...

Coffee break.

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They heard their parents talking. Most of the time they whispered and that was exactly the reason why they went out of bed, stood behind the door and were eavesdropping. Mother sounded upset and that was a good reason to worry and it made them curiou...