Charity or necessary?

By Wakeupkitty | Freewriting | 8 Sep 2019

I host two contest on Steemit to help people grow.

Steemit is a social media (platform) on the blockchain.

The little redfish in the first place. They need to grow to have more power. Without power, they cannot post or comment. A ridiculous system for what calls itself social media and better as Facebook and Twitter.

No, I am not a big fish myself.

I can post and comment and that is fine with me.

I am not big on STEEM and not in real life. The thing is if you help others, I mean really help them, it will cost you time, energy and money. Fact is also those who are poor are more willing to share.

Giving a helping hand is only great if you set borders.

Most of us don't. If you do not set borders, cannot say NO you will be abused. Abused by family, friends, and strangers. Scammers love people who share without asking something back. They will rip you till nothing is left from you, stab your back and go on to the next as soon. as you have nothing to give.

Scammers are great in manipulating. They use your weak spot against you.


If you run a business the same way as you run your life you will be bankrupt soon.

Not only if it comes to money but energy too. Your colleagues and employees will laugh in your face and keep you for the fool you are.

A company will never invest in something they do not believe in.

The charity benefits them in the first place. It is a free advertisement and stands for paying less tax.

For the same reason, a big fish will never invest in a redfish.

Big fish eat little fishes. The small fish is part of his food chain. If you are that little creature the only way to survive is to hide (and grow) or to leave to a safer place.

Some love to be big and see it as their life goal.

They call it being successful. I do not feel the need to be seen by others as a successful person, to show off, be someone special. The only thing I want to be is me.

Big fish have responsibilities.
I do not want them. I am counting the days I have less. Less property, less work, fewer hours of the day wasted by other people, less taking care.

I am already cleaning up. I give or throw my stuff away. There is no need to buy new we have enough or we do without if we cannot borrow it.

By now I also have less family and fewer friends and so much less stress.

I only help if it suits me.

I feel no longer obliged to show up, visit or help people. It is not a good deed, charity if you forget yourself.

Before you help someone else ask yourself honestly if that person would do the same for you. A friendship never comes from both sides. One is always investing more like the other.


The clean up I had through the years all ended in more energy, a happier life, no need to keeping up appearances.

That is what I wish for all of you. Set your borders and do what you like to do most for you, what benefits you! You can only help someone if no one needs to help you.

And remember what my granny said: "All the stuff you have, you can not take with you once you are dead."


What you see on the rose are raindrops.

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