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Would you rather...

By Aerials | Freedom Path | 1 Apr 2020

That’s what they usually ask on those pretty Instagram posts. Would you want to be there now? Tag someone you want to go there with!

And my answer is - “No, I wouldn’t.” I don’t want to be in Maldives right now, or in a 5-star hotel in Vegas, or in Paris... I want to be where I am now. Because this is an important moment for me. I am present here. My choices and my decisions brought me here. If my actions, choices, and decisions bring me to Maldives, Australia, the Moon, another realm tomorrow - then be it, then I will be present there.

No point in wanting to run away somewhere “pretty” or “better”. The point is to do all you can the best you can HERE and NOW. Which is exactly what I am striving to do. I’ll be honest - it doesn’t work all the time. I have many faults and weaknesses. I waste time and lose awareness; I get carried away and influenced by many things and phenomena that clearly don’t want me to become a real human being. But I don’t want to run away from it anymore. I don’t want Maldives. I want to be ME.

By the way, an even scarier trend on Instagram is when some model or actress posts a new glamorous photo, and hundreds of young girls and women scream and cry in the comments “OMG I so wanna be her!” Well, omg, too bad for you! Don’t be an idiot. It’s a pity that this society teaches young people and especially women to always want to be someone else.

~ previously published on my Steemit


I'm re-posting this here today in the midst of this whole weird virus and quarantine thing going on all over the world. And my answer remains the same. NO, I WOULDN'T. This is where I am, this is the situation I must live through, and this is where I have to do my best, no matter what. Maldives are great, but whatever is happening here is even greater because it is MY life. 

It doesn't mean that we shouldn't dream or want to travel. If you set your goal to move to the countryside, or travel in a camper, or move to Thailand - good for you. But you see, this is a goal, something to achieve, a part of your journey. "Would you rather..." is, in contrast, just a manipulation. 


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My name is Araksa. I am a freelance writer and a martial artist.

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