Rollercoin: Crypto Mining Simulator - Why is it becoming so popular?

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 29 Jun 2021

Rollercoin has became the #1 crypto-paying mining simulator. 

Despite being around for over three years, it is only 5 months ago that the platform started its exponential growth; going from 500,000 users to over 1,034,000 (one million thirty-four thousand) users.

Here, we try to explain why Rollercoin popularity curve has recently spiked, doubleing its userbase in only a few months.


A few reasons may help explain its recent popularity and adoption.

1. It allows its users to earn crypto completely for free.

You can mine Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) or the native Rollercoin currency: RollerToken (RLT). All you have to do is invest some free time if you have it and play some games.

2. It is interactive, fun (if you enjoy arcade games) and free-to-play.

The platform rewards users for playing any of their existing arcade-like games, which, to be fair, brings some nostalgia if you were born in the 80's. Currently they have a list of 10 games that you can choose from.

3. High reputation.

Rollercoin has worked its way up through hard and consistent work from its developers. And that is something worth mentioning in this review. The platform has been around for over 3 years and despite certain delays at times due to network congestions, which caused payment delays at some point, they have managed to pay its users throughout this whole time.

4.Crypto Adoption Continues to Advance

As crypto adoption continues, the Rollercoin community continues to grow as well. More people are interested in the crypto world, attracting more and more people to this platform to earn some crypto, even if it is a small amount.

5.Increased Reward Blocks

As the platform continues to grow, Rollercoin has also increased its crypto rewards, which translates to more crypto to be distributed among active users.




This platform is not intended to make you rich or replace a job. However, is a good way to get you involved in the cryptoworld and start generating some free crypto in the meantime while you become more knowledgeable about the crypto ecosystem. Although, with enough dedication and patience (and by detication I mean investing time and using a correct strategy) you can generate and build a passive stream of crypto income which can range anywhere from a few bucks a months to a couple hundred US dollars (depending on the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin). Of course, if the price of said coin drops you might see your earnings go down when you compare it to your local currency or any other fiat currency. However, if prices rise, you can expect the opposite to happen: a revaluation of your earnings. Also, remember that building a passive stream of crypto income will take months. So, patience is key.



There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Play games:

You can play any of the 10 free-to-play arcade games offered by the platform to generate mining power.The mining power you get from the games will allow you to mine crypto (BTC, ETH, DOGE or the native Rollercoin token: RLT).

NOTE: The mining power generated from games is limited to up to 7 days. Meaning, you need to play constantly to maintain your mining power and be able to mine a stable amount of crypto.

2. Buy miners:

Having miners has its benefits as they will generate a fixed and permanent amount of mining power, whether you play or not.  This means that, the more miners you have, the more crypto you can mine, as they would help you get a bigger reward from the block being mined. You can get miners by reinvesting your mined Rollertoken (RLT). This is the Rollercoin native currency and can only be used within Rollercoin to buy miners or racks (this is where you will place your miners). 1 RLT equals $1 USD. 



This is the key to generate passive crypto income without you having to spend time playing games down the road. Instead, you may let the miners do the work for you.

However, if you are ambicious enough, you can trade your RLT for miners and still play games to further increase your mining power and get more crypto. It is up to you which strategy to use.

You may also just want to mine BTC, ETH or DOGE using the mining power from the games. However, keep in mind that you would need to keep playing to maintain your mining power. 

So, if you are interested in the platform and want to build a mining room which will generate some passive crypto, the best way to do this is by reinvesting your initial mined crypto to get some miners. You may also choose to buy miners using your own money, but that would be a decision you need to make if you decide Rollercoin is worth a shot.



Time invested is the user's decision. However, having tested this platform for three months. Whether you want to just mine BTC, ETH, DOGE or mine RLT to reinvest in miners, at least 60 minutes each day is required to generate a significant amount crypto and mining power. We can not tell you what is an optimal time, that varies depending on how serious a player takes the game or how much free time one has. However, If you wish to build a mining room with miners, I would certainly suggest spending closer to 2 hours per day. This would help anyone buy their first miner faster. As you have more miners, you may start decreasing the amount of games played.



Rollercoin has launched an event to commemorate the 1 Million subscribers and has launched three new miners. And they are 3 of the best 5 miners ever released by the platform. I would also highly suggest that if you want to start building a mining room with miners, you try to get one of these event miners as they are offer a better value compared to what usual miners offer. These event miners (available through June, 30th) are almost two times more effective. If you are just starting, you might not be able to grt enough RLT to buy one of these, however mining RLT and waiting until a new event comes up would be a great strategy to start off. I would discourage anyone from buying a regular miner as they are not as efficient as event miners. Do not spend your RLT in miners that are not worth it. Remember, in this platform, patience is key.

Good luck and happy mining.


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