Rollercoin: New Miners Breakdown and How I Managed to Get Two of Them.

By Adrian Castaneda | Free_Crypto_News | 20 Jun 2021

Finally, after almost three months using Rollercoin, I was able to mine enough RLT to buy my first 2 miners thanks to the One Million Rollers Event. And they are two of the best miners the game has ever released 😎.

Now, I can finally start generating some passive crypto. And I have to say: I am proud to have achieved it. I will continue to reinvest my mined earnings until I can generate more crypto passively from miners.

If you are using this rewarding crypto platform (where you can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin), you need to understand that PATIENCE is a must. Like I said earlier, it took me almost three months mining the native Rollercoin currency: RollerToken (RLT), to buy a couple of miners. But I believe it will be worth it in the long term. 





1. The "Rollermillion"


This is the best miner ever offered by Rollercoin with a ratio of 3003 Th/s per RLT spent, a permanent mining power of 1,000,000 Th/s and a cost of 333 RLT. This is the highest mining power ever offered by a single miner.


2. The "Milly"


One of the best miners ever offered by Rollercoin offering a permanent mining power of 70,000 and a ratio of 2,121 Th/s per RLT spent. At 33 RTL, the "Milly" is one of the best miners ever offered at an affordable price and the first time Rollercoin offers 70,000 Th/s at such a low price. Which probably makes it the most desirable miner right now and for the following two weeks.


3. The "Milly Mini"


The best miner ever offered at that price range. With a permanent mining power of 25,000 Th/s, a ratio of 1,923 Th/s per RLT spent and a cost of 13 RLT. This is a great option for anyone to start building their mining room as it offers a better ratio than any previously offered miner before the event.

*The highest ratio offered by a miner before this event was "El Monstro" with a ratio of 1,111 Th/s per RLT spent. So, the "Milly Mini" miner is still a great option.*




  • No investment required (other than your time to play games and generate free crypto)


  • Takes a longer time to start building up your mining room. 



  • Start mining BTC, ETH or DOGE passively instantly, as soon as you buy your first miner.
  • You can still play games and double your mining rewards.


  • Requires an initial investment.



  • If you are going to buy miners only do it during special events (like the one they have running right now through the 30th of June) as they offer more mining power per RLT spent. In other words, they are more profitable. You invest less and get more for your buck.
  • Be patient. It is not worth buying small miners that offer little mining power. It is preferable to wait (as I did) to buy something good.
  • Play at least 1 game every 24 hours to keep the best computer in your mining room, that will allow you to maintain the mining power you,het from games (in case you do not buy miners and only use the games to mine) for 7 days instead of only 24 hours.
  • Dedicate 1 hour a day to the game (if you have that time to spare). That will allow you to play between 70 and 80 games and generate a decent mining power to mine any of the cryptocurrencies you want.

👉 Rollercoin sign up page:

👉 Best Strategy: Best Rollercoin Strategy, Maximize your time and Earnings

Good luck and happy mining everyone.

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Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda

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