How you can have your passwords in a safe place.

By Francisco Borges | Francisco Borges | 11 Jan 2020

In a digital world it's important to have our passwords in a secure place.

You can use the old method(wirte down your password on piece of papper), or you can use some program in your  computer to encrypt them for you.



KeePass is a free open source password manager.The program helps you to mage password in a secure way, by encrypting them and with a master key you can onlock all database .




LastPass is a google extension that save for you your passwords from sites.They encrypt as well the passwords.

In lastPass you have the free version and the paid version(you only have a trial of the free version).




1Password is a password manager that encrypt your passwords too.

1Password is similar to lastPass payment method.




In my view if you can afford to pay to secure is better but the keePass it's an interesting alternative, i have been using it for 1 year now.

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Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges

Hi, I'm Francisco Borges and I'm an ethusiastic of crypto world. I believe that the crypto is going to lead the world in the near future. (Sorry for my bad english)

Francisco Borges
Francisco Borges

This blog is focused in my projects. So whenever i start a project that i want to share in this blog i will make it.

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