Why is my computer slow?

Why is my computer slow?

By FoxInABox | Fox Blog | 3 Nov 2019


You wondered how it is that after so many years since Windows 95 (or 98), computers are tens or even hundreds of times faster than those hardware .... but still muddy? Did the computers work tens or hundreds of times slower then? Today I will tell you a little bit about it.

Low equipment prices
Do low hardware prices have an impact on the poor performance of computers? It seems stupid, but when you talk to computer scientists, you get this vision. What is it about? Once a programmer had little room for manoeuvre using his computing power. His application had to work fast, but at the same time it had to work in such a way that other applications running in the background had their own power allocation.

Today, having multi-core computers (where the operating system can separate applications into threads), large amounts of RAM, etc., it is much easier to distribute power ... which is true, but it is also much cheaper to invest in a computer.

Which mainly happens on servers where "it goes to cost". This does not change the fact that such things are common and on computers.

Around 2013 in one of the portals spoke a Microsoft employee, who said that because of worse conditions people want to work for Google, so Microsoft employs a lot of fresh blood, which is not able to improve the operation of the system, and focus on creating new features.

In addition, improving the system itself is not well received by the management because "it's not planned".

Short cuts
"Time is money." - I think everybody's heard about it. A kind of "system" of transforming time into money is work. So people want to work as efficiently as possible to make as much money as possible (a bit of a rat race). Thus, various solutions are being developed to accelerate the development of applications. Such an example is Electron (which is used by e.g. eSteem Surfer).

Because what is the point of creating an application for e.g. a computer, when you can run your code in a specially modified web browser? A very big plus is a big saving, but browsers are not lightweight software.

And people (for jokes?) can transfer really strange programs to such technologies as calculator ... In the sense that the calculator has huge hardware requirements, disproportionately large for its capabilities.

Is there anything you can do about it?
And yes and no. Naturally, the software will be years old. Take, for example, browsers that, apart from browsing the Internet, often serve as a multimedia system (games, music, films), a communicator (e.g. a discord) or even a workplace. Such is the demand on the market and in this direction everything seems to go (in the direction of applications for everything)

Nevertheless, there is a group of people who try to create software that is quite light and functional. Of course, this will not make our computer come alive and walk 10 years longer, but it is possible that the modernization of its (for example, if we do not have the money) can be postponed in time, and we will not feel it too much.

I myself have recently moved (by the way) from Firefox to Chromium, which works better on older laptops (noticeably better) and uses less RAM (4GB is not enough), and maybe in the future I will switch to "Falkon", which looks even more interesting in this respect.

I replaced the Discord chat itself with a Pidgin instant messenger (so I don't need to have a browser running - although I often do). This solution allows you to save over 400MB of Ram (10% of what I have in my computer).

Instead of going to each page you can also download news using an RSS reader and save time (and in theory money if the reader downloads the entire content!).

Computers will be running worse and worse, and we will be buying newer and newer hardware. However, let's take care of it, the computer is also a human being ;) There is a certain "conspiracy" to modernize the equipment more and more often, but we do not have to accept it completely.



Pictures : https://pixabay.com/pl/photos/komputer-retro-stary-1895383/


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