Mystery Card Contest Winners

By Farfalle | For The Birds | 1 May 2021

Good morning, and good afternoon, and good night.

The Card was indeed the Little Woodstar!

Little Woodstar

Several winners guessed the species with only the silhouette and it's conservation status. I am impressed!

Congratulations! Prizes will be awarded today! Here are your winners!

  • DrYunani
  • Moist_Topaz
  • FrMkII
  • ZanManBob
  • TonySandiego

All 5 winners will get the Little Woodstar card before it's even available for sale! Technically there should be 4, but we failed to anticipate how useless the time stamps on comments would be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Everyone who guessed will also get an NFT of the silhouette with a special IPFS hash. ;)

Thanks for playing along. We really enjoyed the mystery card contest so expect more of those! Starling giveaway coming in the near future...



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