For The Birds. Mystery Card Contest

By Farfalle | For The Birds | 28 Apr 2021

For The Birds is an original series of pixel art featuring birds of the world.

While releases have been paused. We decided to go ahead with the mystery card contest anyway!!!

Today we present Card #17, a vulnerable species! That means only 26-50 will be minted max.

Mystery Card 17

The first 2 users to guess the species in the comments will get sent 1 card for FREE. It will be backed by 1 WAX. If you hate it, burn it and get some free WAX. Of course we hope you love it and keep it forever. Maybe print it out, laminate it, invent a game, why not?!


  • We will accept the common english and/or latin name.
  • Only your first comment counts
  • You can guess 2 names
  • Include your wax address so we know where to send the card.
  • The contest ends This Saturday, May 1st.

Good Luck and have fun learning and looking at birds.

Check out the rest of the collection here.

Hot Tip: This contest will be posted on Torum shortly so you can guess there for another 2 names. Same rules apply. Not on Torum yet? Use our referral for some quick XTM.

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For The Birds
For The Birds

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